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Featured I Love my heated jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by jord4231, May 20, 2015.

  1. Thought I'd just let every rider know for those who don't know.

    Bosh, king chrome, aeg, and a fewother brands make heated jackets. I work outside rain hail or shine so I brought one for work, This time of year I LIVE in it.

    Its Awesome on the bike especially if you put your riding jacket over the top, it gets a double insulating thing going on and can even get too hot, My bosh jacket has 3 heat settings. it was around $200 (came with a free multi tool) 30 minuet charge and I purchased a bigger second battery off ebay.

    Heated jacked coupled with rain gear coupled with heated grips = commute on the bike all year round!
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  2. Yep, I will get one of these awesome jackets one day.

    I only have one reservation about using one for a tour and getting stranded long enough for the battery to run out. Just need to ensure you have extra clothing I guess.
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  3. Well when I get my new bike hopefully a tracer in summer It has a 12v socket I was going to purchase a plug in cigi lighter inverter just enough to take along my heated jacket charger call me a sook but I LOVE this jacket
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  4. Cheers for the heads up, I had no idea they made these. My OH works outdoors, rain, hail or shine just as your good self and I'm tipping he'd love one of these as a surprise pressy. Thanks for the share (y)
    Can you share a link to help find one?
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  5. I've got a heated vest. It goes under my normal leather or textile jackets without making me feel like the michelin man. Has low & high settings and I can get 4-6 hours for a set of batteries. I take a spare set with me on long day or overnight trips and they only take 2 hours to recharge.

    Wouldn't ride in the cold without it.
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  6. Yep once you have had heated clothing or grips for that matter your will never go back!
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  7. Cheers for the link.
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  8. I'd never even heard of heated clothing before this thread. Checking them out online now and I reckon I'm gonna give the heated hoodie a go!
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  9. the hoodie was cool but thin that's the only reason I didn't go that option,also goina depend what tools you already own if you already own milwalki tools then the batterys fit same with bosch and aeg
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  10. The last total tools catalogue showed 3 or 4 different brands and versions.
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  11. I spent a lot of time comparing all the heated jackets available at the time of purchase about a year or so ago bosch was the most comftable got the hottest and had the best battery life 2 hours on high 4 hrs on med 6 hrs on low , the aeg was close and had a fluffy hood it was a hard decision but honestly if mine stopped working now I'd be straight in to the closest store to get another, You cant machine wash them, but you can hand wash them and the bosch is rain proof
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  12. Fairly sure the hoodie was machine washable
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  13. Id love one I could hook up to a bike battery Don't attempt to do this with a voltage regulator and the bosch jackets though guys for those electronically minded, First jacket went back under warranty lol
  14. I've messed around with making heated jackets (for a NZ trip), and ended up making 2 different designs. I couldn't justify buying anything being a weekend only rider.

    By far the easiest way is to buy the ultra cheapo heated grip kit off ebay and sew the heating pads into a kidney belt (ie. a piece of cloth with velcro at each end). I powered it straight off a 9v battery (no controller or switch) that only lasted maybe an hour. Total cost is about $20.

    Awesome value. For not much more money you could add a decent battery or bike connection and controller.
  15. Looks like a trip to Total Tools is in order. Thanks for the heads up :)
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    You'd get an interesting reception at customs with batteries and wiring hand sewn into your jacket if they decided to inspect your luggage :whistle:

    BTW I have a Milwaukee heated jacket - as others have said, its great. 5 heat zones and you can switch between (some) of them. Also allows USB charging of phones it you are in a pinch. Machine washable as well.
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  17. Haha!! They might shoot first and ask questions later!!
  18. Thanks for the post. I've been looking closely at a heated vest and wondered if the whole idea of heated clothing was a pipe dream. Nice to hear it works well.
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