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I love my Draggins

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by demuire, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Here's a free plug for Draggin Jeans. I love mine. I bought a pair of cargo's the other day, and they're now officially my favourite and most comfortable pair of pants I own. Rock on.

    Where can I get the chinos? Do any shops in Brisbane sell them?
  2. People still wear chinos?
  3. you want the camo's?

    If that's what you're after tell me, i'm doing an order tomorrow, they'll be here by the end of the week.
  4. for those of us who are required to present a veneer of respectability (to earn a living), there is no other choice. I'm wearing them right now, and feeliny very comfortable :)
    And didn't even ride today.
  5. didn't know anything about them :)
    if you want to get them ring me at work tomorrow
    3299 1999
  6. I wonder if the fit is the same as the cargos... I don't suppose it would be possible to try them on prior? Anyway, I'll give you a call tomorrow I think, must see how much money I have left...
  7. Well to give you an idea mine lasted about 6-7 meters @ 40kph before the kevlar burnt through, hardly the 300 meters @ 140kph as on the website, in terms of protection you get what you pay for.

    Still better then nothing.
  8. Peleus, draggins don't claim to be the be all and end all to protection. If you've worn leathers you will understand why they are such a good thing. Leathers are hot, sticky and sweaty, draggins are not. I had to get someone to help me out of my leathers the other day, i couldn't get the pants off no matter how i tried :)

    If YOU had the knee armour in the draggins that they recommend, what would have happened to your knee?

    For your story i can tell you at least 30 where people love them for saving their skin..
  9. I've never seen anyone wearing draggins walk away from a splat without an injury, and to date that # would be around 15.
    IMO stick with leather or similar and veer away from Draggins coz god forbid should you fall they offer very very limited protection.
    As i said in my opinion
  10. I wear leather a leather jacket most of the time.

    I wear draggin jeans some of the time, leather pants some of the time.

    It's more of a matter of horses for courses... sure leather has the potential to offer more protection, but draggin jeans are easier to live with.

    I don't see draggin jeans as an alternative to leather pants really... they are more of an alternative to normal jeans.

    Some days it's too hot to wear leather pants, other days one has a short ride etc etc.

    For me example It would take 10 mins to get the leathers on, 10 minutes to ride to work and the 10 minutes to get them off.

    Pretty damn annoying that'd be.

    Draggins I can wear at work.
  11. Shabby.. working in the bike shop i talk to a lot of people.. and i hear lots and lots of good stories.

    The only bad story i know is recently a pair rode up and the guy got hurt, but they were the joe rocket jeans, and I don't like the way they're made anyway.

    Draggin don't claim them to be as good as leathers, but they're a helluva lot better than just jeans and comfortable to boot.. what's so bad about that?