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I LOVE looking back at crystal balls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. who is crystal and why has she got balls? :D
  2. I despair, no really, I do :LOL: ......
  3. just ban me paul, make everyone happy, u mods are supposed to be you know whats :D:D:D:bolt:

    then i can come back in 10 years and have a whinge about you lolol
  4. Hey hornet -- do you get a reach around at the same time your looking back at crystal's balls ?

    just kidding with ya Padre ---- always nice to see a man of the faith with a sense of humor
  5. I suspect it may be merely a rumour. I don't think I've seen any articles actually stating a source so...

    Sidenote: You know that bloke's closing sentence about wanting hybrid motocross bikes? Well, I don't imagine it working very well. Not with current technology, anyway.

    Firstly; for motocross, bikes need to be relatively light-weight, right? Well, an extra motor and some chunky ol' batteries aren't going help with that.

    Secondly; I'm not sure how the batteries would stand up to that sort of treatment. The motor and other electronics might be tricky, too.
  6. Well, I was talking about hybrids. But I admit that covers half my reason for doubt. I remain dubious about the concept :p.

    The range on those things would be pretty limiting (but fine for track or commuting, I suppose).
  7. I think the manufacturers HAVE to be seen to be doing something, or even commttied to be seen to be doing something, such is the force of environmental concerns in the world today. Somewhere, someone is going to find the magic bullet that will give clean/zero emissions, low weight, long range and performance; the world will then beat a path to his door.....
  8. When you read the article instead of the headline, it sais “As early as” so they aren’t actually committing to next year, just sort of pointing in that direction.
    But no, I haven’t heard of any murmuring of that sort of thing from Honda.
    That being said I would not be surprised if/when hybrid bikes happen if Honda was leading the charge.
  9. umm didn't honda start trialling one end of last year, I remember reading about it somewhere... can't bloody remember where though.
  10. "Utter silence...that...is the inevitable sound of the future of off-road motorcycle riding..." –Dirt Rider Magazine

    There's so many ways to interpret that. :-s
  11. I'd say hybrid/electric bikes will start becoming commercially viable as the battery technology develops over the next several years - its the main limitation so far.

    Considering that ~1.5L engine hybrid cars can get 3.5-5L/100km and most 125cc scooters get 2.5L-4L/100 - you can see how much effect the hybrid system can have. Imagine a scooter with a hybrid developed to the same level, should be able to get less than 0.5L/100kms.. one day..