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I Love Karma

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by inferno, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Picture this: I’m cruising along next to Canberra Hospital in fairly busy, fast moving traffic. It’s all pretty chilled until this complete dickhead (obviously a dickhead because only dickheads drive fucking Hyundai SUVs with dickhead pink personalised plates) swerves violently into my lane to try and jump the queue. I’m fairly peeved at having to brake for this knob gobbler but seeing as I was halfway through a Matt Costa playlist and just generally feeling pretty good about things, I just gave him the finger and drove on.

    Anyway, we pull up at the lights and I notice a new shiny grey Land Cruiser next to me. There’s an arm hanging out the window. The arm is wearing a blue shirt and an ACT police badge.
    One of the cops sticks his head out and cracks this huge grin, gives me thumbs up and kind of motions in front of me. Not sure what’s going on, I wait until the lights change and the moron in front of me moves off. The next thing the Land Cruiser lights up like a freakin’ Christmas tree and pulls in behind the silly c**t and ruins his afternoon.
    ...it certainly made my day, I can’t wipe the grin off my face =D

    Here’s to a good start to the weekend!
  2. Love it.....love everything about it.....

    Send some of those bike friendly genius cops south to Melbourne would ya?
  3. hahahah that is the best post i have ever seen on this forum LOL
  4. i freaking love this,
  5. This is win!
  6. Did this pink hyundai come complete with frangipani and playboy stickers too? :D Please tell me it did?
  7. I just got to work and was feeling pretty shite but this just made my day
  8. Hell, yes.

    Karma's a biatch!
  9. Land Cruiser unmarked vehicle hey? Ive seen a black territory, though I would have thought a land cruiser was on the slow side.
  10. But Land Cruisers drive through gates and fences a lot easier.
  11. Haha what a douche, I'd be smiling too