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I love junkies!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Down here in frankston Crackies/junkies make me lol!!!

  2. maybe some further elucidation on your love for junkies and why you love them would make this thread interesting.
  3. Ok so you watch the junkies perform stand up? do they do magic tricks? Why don't they make you lol in other places?
    Not that I am trying to be rude or am I a fan of my own local junkies but why do the frankston junkies make you laugh?
  4. Maybe it would..... Mayyyyybeeee it would.... *Strokes beard*

  5. First off -

    Junky "Got any bus money, im homeless and i need bus money?"
    Me "If your homeless why do you need to catch a bus?"

    Junky standing outside drinking something from a coffee cup acting pretty normal.
    I go inside
    Hear Screaming
    Go outside
    Junky screaming being taken away by ambos on a streacher strapped down.

    Junky asks me for a cigarette
    I give junky cigarette
    Junky takes cigarette then screams at me saying "Im goign to stab you in the neck 13 times and cut your eyes out cause im going to prison on monday!"

    General junkys screaming at eachother. Generally around here the female junkies are the ones you gotta look out for. they will **** you up.

    Its always the female junky beating up the male ones.

    Also they look funny!
  6. Perfect timing - this has been discussed in my office in Parramatta only this week!
    Wednesday is "the day before dole day", so the local junkies are all strung out and can be seen on the street fighting with each other, committing petty theft and generally being a nuisance.
    Thursday is dole day and they're nowhere to be found.
    Friday is the day after and 15 minutes ago I saw a domestic at the station - all I caught of the conversation was "...I don't CARE how many you took...", and then the bloke grabbed his pram and walked off.

    i sware. junkys get along with eachother without prams but the second they start fighting a pram apears for one of them to push of speedly and stop their feet pulling a toddler by the wrist.
  8. where the hell do you guys live?!
  9. After living in Prahran, Collingwood, Kensington and picking up the girlfriend from her work at the Flagstaff Crisis Accomodation in North Melbourne I can't remember life without junkies.

    Moist Jenny is the best, she just lies under the ATM while you are getting money groaning spare change in Kensington. Not sure she can break a fifty. It's sad but I know she has a place to live, my girlfriend is the case worker for her boyfriend. He often comes by when he needs somewhere to crash if they have a tiff over xanex.
  10. In a junkyard, of course.

    Avoiding having to listen to the lower orders resolve their personal problems under my bedroom window at 3am is one of the main reasons I put up with commuting >100km/day when I'm office based.
  11. Hey! Come on now!
    As stated I work at Parramatta where I see this - the area I live in is pretty good (apart from me...).
  12. So this is the thread for laughing at poor, sick people? Honestly.

    The people in your stories sound like they have serious mental illnesses (at least one of the people in your story without a doubt does), which are often comorbid with drug abuse problems.
  13. Pretty sure I know which one you're talking about there.
    But I stand by my post - the Parra Pill Poppers are perfectly lucid on a 2-week cycle, which coincides with their social security payments.
    You wouldn't call them "poor, sick people" 2-3 days before dole-day when they're running rorts and knocking over elderly locals for their purses...
  14. #16 MONKEYMAN, Mar 11, 2011
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  15. I didn't actually read your post lol, I only read Fa1c0n. The people in your post just sound like sea hunts, fck them
  16. Are these people you see actually junkies, or just how you view normal people.....?
  17. Not the stereotypical needle-using heroin types - most of them around me seem to be into things like oxycodone and endone etc these days.
    Actually now that I think of it, Merrylands (next suburb over) was full of pill-poppers in the mid-80s too, except it was serapax and mogadon (sp.) back then.
  18. Whenever i skate through Parra square i have to take a big stick to flog the homeless people away. They are just crazed rabid jackels. Once one dude tried to eat my chicken burger from hungry jacks out of my god damn hand!