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"I love a sunburnt country..."

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. said Dorothea McKeller, and reminded us that it is a place of 'droughts and flooding rains'.

    I thought of this when I just read the Goulburn, on the NSW Southern Highlands, a city which has been on Level 5 water restrictions for over three years, is tonight bracing itself for flooding!!! They have had 34 mm of rain up to 9:00am this morning, a further 18mm up to 6:00pm this evening, and predictions are for up to 100mm (that's four inches on the old scale) tomorrow. Low-lying areas are being warned to expect evacuations.

    Hopefully their dam, which has been literally empty for two years, will improve!
  2. This just confirms my theory...God hates Goulburn. I count the number of times I've been going up the Hume past Goulburn and it's been raining before you get there, it stops as you go past, then starts again on the other side. And now it's flooding. Poor suckers.
  3. 2nd class cit wrote
    ha ha! that's great! :LOL:

    i was pretty concerned when goulburn went dry a while back. the government let it happen and sydney wasnt far behind.
  4. Must be because of all the cops there.
  5. every time some one says goulburn i think of the fruit snacks song sung by the four rowers.... :roll: ffn fruit loops...
  6. the important question however -
    is any of this water flowing in to Pejar Dam? i was there not-so-long ago, and it was just mud....poor buggers.
    and even worse!!
    beer from plastic? that is a national tragedy :(
  7. A minute of silence please. :-# [-o< :-# [-o<
  8. But so does everybody else too... :p
  9. Why don't they just wash the glasses using bottled spring water? That water comes from the ground, not the rain! :wink: :p
  10. Drove past Goulburn today on the freeway. All the creeks are bursting their banks, everyone's dams full, tide marks half way up paddock fences. Looks like it used to......whenever!
    Even Lake Bathurst has some water in it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Yeah, i cant understand why Goulbourn is in a drought, cause it f#cken rains everytime I go to Wakefield Park! :furious: Not to mention it's the windiest coldest place in the universe
  12. Peejar Dam is 30% full and rising quickly; the main town reservoir is full and overflowing, and the low-lying areas of the city are flooded! They have had 175mm of rain this month; the best rainfall in 10 years :shock:.
  13. I wonder if this really is the end of the drought?? (or the beginnings of the end)

    Fingers crossed! [-o<

  14. Time to start building that ark you reckon?? :LOL:
  15. I suspect that rather than the end of the drought, it's the beginning of the increased variability of weather that one would expect with global warming starting to kick in.

    Global warming will (initially at least) lead to more variability in weather and more extreme conditions as the extra energy in the atmosphere indirectly leads to more energetic weather systems.

    More storms and more droughts... and less 'down the middle and ok' :(
  16. Goulburn's dam didn't dry up. It just froze over. Terrible place.