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I love a good reaction...

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by Mick M, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. On the way from Kinglake to Flowerdale today, I checked out the pine plantation. Lots of potential to have some serious fun.

    I was enjoying the slippery tracks and I came across 2 local dirt bike riders. We got chatting and they said I was a 'crazy cnut' for taking a road bike there.

    That comment made my day, really.

    Will definitely revisit with a more suitable bike, in the future. Time to start saving.
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  2. Some of the most friendliest people in the UK are in Yorkshire.
    On a road trip there a couple of years ago we spent the day in Whitby, after walking around all day, shopping, beach and touristy things we got back to the bike.
    I was knackered and just wanted to lie down on the bit of grass next to the bike and look out at the sea.

    Then is started,
    "Ooh, that's a nice bike, who cleans that then".

    I reply with the normal stuff about it being my pride and joy and no-one touches the bike except me.

    5 minutes later,
    "Ooh, that's a nice bike, who cleans that then".
    Same reply as before.
    This goes on for about an hour. Finally I get some peace and I start to drift off on the sea breeze and then,

    "Ooh, that's a nice bike, who cleans that then".

    She does, now f**k off,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I thought to myself.

    It was time to saddle up and go kip in the tent.

    On a serious note, an old fella must have been mid 90s talked to me about my bike, at the end of the conversation, he reached out, shook my hand and told me the bike was a credit to me and thanked me for allowing him to see it.
    Brought a lump to my throat.
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  3. I get that whenever I park it at the shops, which isn't often.
    I tend to park near the doors so it's nice and visible but I always get some admirers.
    Old Gran or Grandpa, ooh that's lovely, and so clean ( and I can see the grime everywhere )
    I came out of Doncaster Shoppingtown and there was 4 guys all crowded around it.
    Shit, here we go I thought. They're staff and my bikes parked illegally, but no, just more admirers . . :)
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  4. Try piloting a sidecar with a 100kg English Mastiff as the co-e, you've actually got to program in double the rest-stop times on trips to go through the spiel, even had a bunch of HD riders circle round us once wanting to know more and take photos ....:snaphappy::snaphappy::woot::snaphappy::snaphappy:
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  5. We used to live in Narbethong and took our KLRs places they should never have been. Hubby did Billy Goats a few years ago and plenty of the surrounding high country challenges. Where there's a will, there's a way! Get the Feathertop maps and go exploring...they're the best paper maps for Vic IMO.
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