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I like vegemite

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Peaches, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Hello there,

    I've been lurking around this forum for quite a while and finally decided to sign up!

    I'm a very vertically challenged "rider" who likes vegemite. I discovered the greatness of vegemite about the same time I first started to balance properly on my little CBR 125, which was approximately 5 months ago.

    Since then, I've forgotten to put my foot down when I'd stopped twice, dropped the CB250 during my Ls course twice, and I have a nasty tendency of panicking when I can't find my indicators. Prior to that I learned to ride on a pushbike with training wheels about a year ago when I was 22, before eventually circling Macquarie Uni's car parks on Peaches, my CBR125. Yes, interesting times...

    That being said though, I am determined to learn how to ride and ride well (fingers crossed!) and hope I can learn much from the posters in this forum *kow tows*

    So please, be kind and patient to a very new and inexperienced rider...

    Oh and my name's Ruth :) Hello Netriders!


    ps - I've noticed that there's quite a bit of angst against journalists here in this board. Should I be wary ? :shock: I'm a finance journo myself...
  2. Journalists are fine; they provide a convenient alternative target when we are sick of beating up on Harley riders :LOL:...

    Seriously, welcome Ruth. This place IS a mine of information, and I'm sure you'll find some fine young Netriders more than willing to help you with your riding :).
  3. my 8yo grandkids like vegemite :p

    and it has sustained me on overseas jaunts
    when all that was available was pan fried locusts ..or beetles :shock:

    makes ya hair go curly too


  4. Sometimes you want something... but can't place it. For me a lot of the time its vegemite :D
  5. It's peaches for me
  6. I don't mind peaches, but prefer mango. Or apricots.
  7. Thanks all! :)

    I've noticed a couple of very helpful hints and tips for Learners in the New Riders and Training Tips section, I think I'll be there for a while...

    And I've always hated Vegemite until I started trying it again recently. Now I know why the locals rave so much about it - it truly numbers among the food of the gods. Although mangoes come close!

  8. thought you swung both ways sarz :LOL:

    peaches and vegemite now there is an interesting combination welcome
  9. Welcome Peaches.

    There is heaps to be learnt in the new rider section.

    Ask questions, there are no stupid ones.

    We are all here to help each other
  10. Welcome Peaches :)

    Finance journo eh??

    I think you're the first! So long as your not writing articles that blame motorcyclists for the interest rates, then we're sweet... peachy sweet. LOL. (We seem to get blamed for a whooooole lllllotta things! :roll:)

    Good luck with your learning curve. Stay safe :)

    Oh, and as to vegemite, spread some on toast, plonk a poached egg on top... YYYUUUMMM!

  11. Welcome Aboard Peaches !!!

    Hell .. WHO doesn't like vegemite? :? :p
  12. Hi Peaches :)
  13. welcome :p

  14. shooosh Rob
    you give away trade secrets.... :twisted:
  15. Welcome Peaches.

    How come somebody with a username of Peaches has a picture of an apple as their Avatar???? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I won't, I promise! :grin:

    I'm actually very nervous about going on the road (haven't done that as yet, going to do so this arvo, actually). I'm worried that I'll do something wrong, stuff up and end up killing a poor kitten or something. Or myself/other people.

    I'm also strangely nervous about bigger bikes - that one would pop a wheelie while riding near me and that would freak me out - BOOM, I hit a tree. I've seen it happen once on Military Road, the poor Learner hit the car in front of him because a guy on an R1 popped a wheelie lane splitting between him and a car. Freaky stuff.

    By the way, the poached egg thing sounds really good, actually. I should give it a go.

    Oh and I have an apple for an avatar because I couldn't find a photo of a nice peach to go with the name. Peaches is actually the name of my bike.
  17. Do they have a cash for comment deal with you?

    Vegemite is shit. Welcome anyway as long as anything I say is off the record.

  18. Vegemite on toast with a fresh peach, favourite breakfast at this time of the year. Welcome Peaches.
  19. Welcome peaches. Don't rush "getting out there". Although if you take peaches out during times when the traffic is easy (like a sunday) it may help you build your confidence so that you'll cope better in busy traffic.

    I can't tell the difference between vegemite and marmite, but when I have it on my toast I like it strong! I reckon marmite and mashed potato on toast is good, but cream cheese and mashed potato on toast is better! I actually prefer promite to vegemite.

    Be safe.