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I like this bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sir Skuffy, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Hmm...so do I.

    I reckon I'm going to have a pretty good selection by the time I'm off restrictions.

    /me wonders whether 250 >> 1700+ is too big a step.
  2. looks different..... i know there would only be one type of cruise i would ride
  3. If they ever do a motorcycle version of Wagner's "Ring Cycle", this would have a starring role :D:
  4. Well I like it. Not that that counts for anything but I still like the look. I've been waiting for a modern-ish cruiser. The V-rod is so overpriced and dosen't look that good that it's not really a good buy. It's good to see new bikes that don't look like light speed racers.


  5. Looks uncomfortable.

    The handle bars are in a better place then most cruisers, but the feet are way to far forward.

    You would feel ever bump, and you couldn't possibly have a good control of the bike.
  6. Think I'm going to be sick...
  7. I'm not a big cruiser fan, but I must say that I like some of these modern cruisers, and this bike. For too long, the word 'cruiser' has been associated with bikes that have their grass roots pre WWII.

    Now if only we could get the majority to adopt overhead cams and 4 valves/cyl, that would really bring them into this century!
  8. You mean last century!! :LOL: :LOL:
  9. + 20

    Cheers 8)
  10. edited........

    I WAS

    Cheers 8)

  11. Why?

    If you crave revs, then yeah extra (light) valves, short stroke, "over square" engines but thats stereotypical sports bike (and maybe tourer) territory

    If it's torque you want (the realm of cruisers) then why add extra cams for the extra valves, cam chains (gears) to drive those cams, etc and inherrent maintenance overhead when two valves/cyl and pushrods are more than ample for the revs required for a cruiser. (and maybe tourers as well)

    Personally there are very few cruisers I like, and this is one (IMHO) butt uggly bike!

    But hey... whatever floats your boat

  12. Ho hum.....just another boulevard snoozer.
  13. dont like it. it looks kinda weird
  14. I think these guys can sorta summerize the views in this thread :D

    Statler: Brilliant!

    Waldorf: Ah, that was terrible!

    Statler: Well, it was good!

    Waldorf: No, that was very bad

    Statler: Well, it was average.

    Waldorf: It was kind of in the middle there.

    Statler: It wasn't that great.

    Waldorf: I kind of liked it.

    Statler: It was terrible!

    Waldorf: I loved it!

    Statler: Get 'em off!

    Waldorf: More!

    heres another if you want more ... hehe


  15. Not my kinda thing at all, but even allowing for that I don't like the look of it much.

    Why's the headlight cowl so bloated?
  16. Good shitstir Skuffy, somehow I don't believe you.
  17. Not my pick for a cruiser (which is fair snub, since I love cruisers and wouldn't ride anything else) I'm afraid. Looks kinda like a compromise between a cruiser and a sport bike. Supposed to appeal to everyone, in reality appeals to no-one.

    Biased also since I checked out an '04 VL1500 (M90? Suzuki unit) a week or so ago and found it to be an uncomfortable LCD (lowest common denominator) bike. Despite a good deal offered to me on it, not interested!
  18. Well I might need to re-think my next addition, that bike might persuade me to change from the warrior :idea: nice looking bike if you ask me.