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I Like Pauline Hanson.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. I don't agree with most things she says but she has the guts to say what she thinks.

  2. The obscene thing about the whole Pauline Hansen situation is that all the political parties conspired together to silence her and disadvantage her at the polls, but they have all, to a greater or lesser extent, tapped into the same basic feelings of average Australians and adopted her policies and ideas. It's OK for them to say it, but she goes to the bottom of every single 'How To Vote' card of every single party in the country.
  3. Meh, I would rather that someone who only has stupid, hateful and divisive things to say *doesn't* have the courage to say them anyway.

    It's *horrifying* to me that people claim this racist moron is 'saying the things ordinary Australians think but are too scared to say'.
  4. whats an australian?
  5. You have that now.
  6. Meh she's just an angry Redhead.
  7. If Pauline Hanson embodied what it is to be Australian..

    Then I would be ashamed to be Australian.

    In all seriousness though... there are some people that wouldn't speak up and feel the same way as her... and when I see people like that in action it really waters down my feeling of national pride.

    It's like the feeling I get when I see the Australian flag plastered all over houses in South-West Sydney.
  8. I agree with your first two paragrahs zenyatta, i think shes an attention seeking moron.

    It was in the news that warwick kappa was going for the same electorate :shock:

    Glad i live in sydney i.e. 1200k's away from the mess either of these two are going to create!
  9. Capper can't run as he didn't nominate in time
  10. He also can't run cos his shorts are too tight.

    Boom tish!
  11. damn, beat me to it :LOL:
  12. Nothing to do with guts, it's a lack of brains that doesn't allow her to say what she wants without being offensive.

    Oxygen theif imho.
  13. She pretty much stands in direct contrast with every single thing I believe in, but hey, that's fine -- this is a free country.
  14. Anyone catch her interview on Denton a year or two back - really persuasive speaker, but then when you listen to her views and opinions, you really realise what dangerous ideas she has... I'd say she couldn't bang two brain cells together, but she's pretty cluey (not necessarily Mensa material though.)

    And she still should keep her clothes on... (where's that vomit smiley?)
  15. G'day everyone,...

    I think she just puts her veiws across bluntly,...as she is'nt trained to lie and deceive like most polititions do,....

    And thay did what she talked about because thay were afraid she was going to take their core supporters away,... just to take the wind out of her sails as it were.

    Don't agree with some things she has said but i think she just needs to express herself more clearly.
    (but then I've never hidden the fact that I hate polatitions,even as a concept!)

    Dr Who?
  16. But I do find it amusing how many interviews she canceled when the topic of her funding came up. Listened to the hack one, quite amusing.

    Come on queensland, surely you can put out better.....
  17. For Queensland - that is better!

    Russ Hinze
    and the rest...

    :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Pauline Hanson is Australia's answer to Sarah Palin - she appeals to the lowest common denominator. Quick, dem ashyans is invadin us!
  19. not sure i agree wth the hanson/palin comparo. edit: strike that. i kinda now do.

    i'd put anthony mundine in the same catorgory as hanson.

    though, i have to say, with all three of the aformentioned, it really really really hurts listening to them articulate their point of views. like fingernails down a freakin chalkboard! :shock:
  20. She's a reflection of a part of our country. Better she stands up and lets us know, or we wouldn't believe these people exist.