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I like my new bike, but...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jbray, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. as posted elsewhere, I'm having a slight possibly fueling problem.
    Very cool otherwise, here's a pic, look how pretty :)
    I bought the bike brand new with a Yoshi TRS exhaust already fitted. Some slight problems I've noticed, probably all linked, but it gets a sort of coughing thing on takeoff which makes it not so smooth, and fairly uneven idle. It's been tuned numurous times with little success. Next thing is to fit the original chunky exhaust back on, but apparently will take a few hours which I'll have to book in.
    Anyone else with a K6 GSXR1000 that I could meet you or pop around so I can listen to yours idling and so on to compare?
    Otherwise the bike is fantastic, just this little niggling problem I'd like to get sorted.

  2. If its been tuned numerous times then it obviously hasnt been done properly,sounds like it needs rejetting fot the pipe,best fix is to get a pro jet kit fitted,jet kit is cheaper on e-bay,local cost for kit 200.00 plus dyno test and tune around $3-=400. Or just put your std pipe on but wheres the fun in that :grin:
  3. wot 'e said; it needs re-jetting for the pipe :grin:
  4. Yeah sure just come around I've got two parked out the back ... Asshole.

    Just kidding mate... damn nice bike ya got there. Jealous as hell.

    Hope ya never get it going right....

    Again just kidding mate.

    Good luck

    Did I say nice bike yet ?
  5. Doesn't re-jetting, or talking about jets in general, that aren't of the flying type, refer to carbies? It has the ability as standard to have some remapping done by plugging in a box to a plug under the seat, and writing out changes as you go (I've watched them do it).

    So nobody has a similar bike I can have a listen to?
  6. Rejetting a fuel injected bike.. :? When you start trying to get the air out quicker, you need to compensate with getting the air in quicker. 1st of all try a decent air filter/s. K&N do a fairly good air filter at the right price. This could fix your problem as it will allow the air to get in quicker and smoother. After you have done that if the problem isnt fixed you may need to fit a PC111 so they can rewrite a new map for it. You have to understand that the airflow in and out is very critical on these finely tuned bikes. They are set up in the factory for the restricted airflow, and once you alter it in any way the air / fuel mixture is going to be out. Good luck and if you need some expert advice try Dynoverks in Boronia..
  7. Aw shucks, thanks! Not to worry, next time you're in town, give me a yell, and you can have a ride.

    Just kidding mate :)
  8. mate im a pretty big yamaha fan, but can i just say, that is one hell sexy bike !! :cool:
  9. A very sexy bike :grin: , hope you manage to sort out the fuel problem.
  10. You nasty nasty bastard.

    Not sure my legs would be long enough anyway.
    Maybe I could just lick the tyres on ya way past??
  11. Hi Jbray,

    Does the dealer agree that the idling and takeoff isn't as it should be ?
    If so, then insist that they fix it. It's still under warranty right ?

    If they say that it's normal, then get a second opinion from another dealer
    (or another workshop that specialises in jap sportsbikes).

    good luck.

  12. Yes very good point fred. I guess we all missed that main point. My only concern are there any dealers that really know about performance tuning, or fitting pipes, filters, pc111 etc..
  13. Me too, I wasn't sure til the time that I got this one actually, was either the R1, FireBlade or GSXR, and the fact that I couldn't get a ride on an R1 or GSXR didn't help, but when I saw this one, which was a one-off bling'ed up by the dealer at pre-delivery time (polished/pinstriped wheels, tint screen, undertail, zorst, oggys and nipple things for the paddock stand) I had to have it.
  14. As far as tuning the bike within specs, then that skill would be the bare minimum.
    They have access to the Manufacturer support.. and all the mods that need to
    be done to it during it's warranty life. You are not just buying a bike, you are
    buying the support at well.

    jbray: The problem could be a million things. How long have you owned it ?
    Are you still running it in ?

    If they are handing the bike back to you "same as" with a poor explaination,
    then get a 2nd opinion before you do anything.
  15. The idling: not really, they just said it's fairly rare that you'll get one that's smooth/constant idle, I must say most bikes I hear are not too smooth idle, but that's not the only concern though, it's this bouncing it has when you blip the throttle that on occasion has caused it to stall, although that seems to be getting better or all but disappeared now, not near as bad. The take off bit: sort of, and I can understand, everytime they've had a go at it, it seems great until it seems to warm up properly and then returns again.

    The dealer has been great so far though, willing to listen and bend over backwards to help, don't argue anything and just do what they can. I'm just worried that's it's never going to be fixed. Today they suggested leaving it with them a few days, bringing the original exhaust back in and they'll pop it on the dyno and do some tuning on there so they can simulate the way I'm riding it. I think getting another opinion from another dealer might be an idea.
  16. What are you doin' Friday? :grin:
  17. Not a problem. If that's the case, I might just ask, while you're down there.....

    ....my boots might need some attention as well!
  18. I had a similar issue with my gsxr-1000k1, ended up going to PTR (Phil Taiton Racing) in Stud road.. He has the ability to modify the original map by -10, -5, +5 +10% in the low/middle/high range on gsxr's. This can be done without a power commander or similar.. Not had any issues since. This was done about 20000k's ago. Think it cost around the $180 mark from memory.
  19. Howdy,

    I'd even suggest taking it to a place on Stud road (between high st and ferntree gully road, opposite Nubrick) he specialises in Susies, and does a race team...

    But for the life of me his name has gone from my head... :? Someone help me out here...
  20. see post immediately above, PTR is what you are looking for. :) :)