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I let my 100cc scooter sit too long, and now it won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bNiNja, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Well I have a Honda Bali EX 100cc 2-stroke scooter which won't turn over no matter how long I push the starter for.

    It has been sitting for months but every now and then I will take it out, start her up and ride a little. However, when I tried to do it today, it didn't turn over.

    Because it has been sitting for so long, previously when I tried to start the scooter up, it will take a while and every now and then it will go "brm.... brm" in between the eletric start clicking and eventually, the engine will start. However, when I try to start her up now, I can only hear is the constant clicking of the electric start.

    Mechanically, I am pretty sure everything is ok. When I use to ride the scooter daily, electric start would only take 1-2 seconds for the engine to turn over. The battery is fine. I did drain the battery trying to electric start it but I fully charged it again but that didn't fix it.

    If I fill the tank up with more petrol (it is only 25% full at the moment) do you think that will fix it? The fuel that is in the tank now is the same fuel that has been sitting in the scooter for months (but previously, had minimal problems starting her up)

  2. charge the battery!
  3. Is the spark plug in working order? Also have you kept the oil topped up or do you have to mix it in with the fuel?
  4. :LOL: That is your classic case of flat battery, I get it all the time at work. They usually only go Click click click click click when they are really flat. Oh and for when it stops going click click, that means its dead flat :p

    Go buy yourself a new one.
  5. Thanks for all the quick replies... you guys are legends.

    However, I am pretty sure it isn't the battery. You are correct, I pushed the starter button until the scooter will click no more but then I fully charged the battery again giving the scooter another 4 minutes of constant clicking (I didn't push the starter longer than 20 seconds at a time).

    2-stroke oil is topped up and to my knowledge the spark plug looks fine (I pulled it out and it looked clean, white with no marks).

    Is it possible because the scooter has been sitting for so long, something has gone bad with the fuel? What is required for the engine to turn over after a bike has been sitting around a while. Keep in mind, the scooter ran fine before I stopped riding it regularly. I even started the bike last week after the 3rd or 4th go on the starter button (eventually, you can feel and hear the engine start turning over after a few attempts at the starter button).

    Will it be worth it if I filled the bike up with fresh unleaded? Or drain the old oil and attempt to clean the fuel tank/carb and then fill her up again with unleaded?

    Anyone in Newtown area (inner west sydney) who is willing to help me out. Even if you can't fix it, if you tell me exactly what to do I will be very appreciative.
  6. leaving a 2stroke sitting for a period of time, can lead to 2t oil trickling in to the crankcase, which basically floods the motor until it is cleared. you need to persevere with the charging/winding over....as long as your spark plug is ok!
  7. Thanks for your reply!!!

    Like I said in my first post, I had a similar problem last week, except the engine eventually turned over and it started (after 3 or 4 attempts I could feel the engine go "brm" and then the another 3 goes on the starter button the engine turned over).

    So what you are saying is just keep pushing the starter button until the engine turns over (if the battery goes flat, charge and then repeat)? I am leaning towards this.

    So far I have been doing what I described above. I could smell the petrol and there is air coming out of the exhaust when I push the starter button.

    However, what else could I do? Is it worthwhile if I empty the fuel tank and clean the carbs? Or does this have nothing to do with it.

    Like I said previously, I don't think it is the battery because after a full charge it gives me quite a few goes on the starter button (battery is 1 year old and has seen 5000km). But would people still recommend me purchase a new battery? i.e. could it be the battery?

    Would it be worth while to pick up a new spark plug?
  8. i would, with the excess oil being thrown about in the combustion chamber, there is a very good chance that your plug will be fouled.
    also, running the battery from charged to dead-flat is going to be detrimental for your battery. but other than roll-starting it, it is your only choice.
    be warned, when it does fire, it will blow a shitload of misspent fuel/oil from the exhaust. dont do it with the exhaust facing a wall/house/or grassed area (like i did with the rgv) because it makes for a very cranky wife.
  9. Get the plug out, clean or replace as required, you will prob find it well fouled.

    Once plug is sorted, spray some fuel only or aerostart (no oil 2T mix) into the reed cage or carb, and then crank away.

    It should start...
  10. Ewww aerostart!
    It will usually work just make sure you dont use it very often eg. every time it wont start.
  11. It stinks, but that shit would start the space shuttle. love ether...
  12. That, or Nulon "start ya bastard", works every time on the leaf blower (is a prick of a thing now, due to its age). And a can lasts years.