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I leave my visor open for one second and....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. WHACK! Rock straight in the eye! For fooks sake there was like a few second bracket in which it could have happened. It was as i was taking off from the lights, have to put the visor up otherwise it fogs up. Bloody hurt too!

  2. Damn rock drivers, not watching where they're going razza frazza grazzle bastards...
  3. Ow! I try to either be wearing glasses or sunnies whenever I have the visor up, but it's not always the case - particularly in situations like yours, keeping it unfoggy at the lights. So far (touch wood) I've had the sunnies hit a couple of times with rocks or bugs but never the eye... but definitely empathy from here. Of course, I did once take off my glasses, take off my helmet then attempt to put my glasses back on with my keys in the same hand and key myself square in the eye...
  4. Yeah riding one-eyed sucks. Rain and bugs and dust and rocks, all good reasons for a full-face with visor down. :grin:
  5. Sounds extremely painful !!

    Solution - Catcrap on your visor !!!
    I tried the old washing up liquid trick until recently, now ive tried Catcrap I'll never go back !
  6. Hmmm very nearly had the same thing last week on one of the days it was blowing a gale, had JUST put my visor down when large gum nut (i assume as i was riding under trees) smacked straight into it!
  7. i have had cigarette ash in the eye, at least i think that is wat it was.
    it burned, and the driver in the car in front of me was smoking.

    had to pull over couldnt keep my eye open.
  8. Thats sounds crap dude. I always wear glasses when I ride. When its sunny I wear my sun glasses, when its dark, I slap on a pair of clear cycling glasses.
  9. I just hate wearing sunnies in the helmet, dont really wear sunnies in general, especially in thick fog!

    It was just annoying that in that split second I ever have my visor up, whack! Big f#cker too! Probably better a big one than a tiny one that actually gets in my eye.
  10. you know.. i sit here and laugh, but i know exactly how much that shit hurts! i have glasses, and have sunnies as well.. was wearing the sunnies once, hot as hell day so visor was up enjoying the breeze. THWACK! big arse bug, left eye frame of the glasses. thing thing was freakin huge!!! covered the lense, and half my face in bug juice. also resulted in a pull over and clean.
  11. Yep got a moth smack in the eye once blinding flash,pain and both eyes teared up so badly that I pulled over blind,just luck there was nothing in the way.Took 5 minutes to see again.
    Got a bee up my jacket sleeve a few months ago mx gloves dont have gauntlets to cover the sleeve.Ouch.
  12. after getting hit by a small rock i now just leave my visor open a crack and it doesnt really fog up at all
  13. i had a bee caught in my visor
  14. biggest.nightmare.evar!!! i will drop my bike and run in circles squealling like a girl in the middle of the freeway the day that happens to me. i hate those things!
  15. :rofl:
    Sorry reminds me of the day I tried to get my helmet on with my sunglasses already on! :LOL:

    This whole thread has me rolling on the floor. I once saw a bee crawling around just on my breath guard- I almost has an accident trying to brush it away.

    Then there is the time the bush turkey clipped the side of my helmet.... puts those moths to shame! :LOL: :shock:
  16. Ack - rocks can hurt! That's about the only time I have my visor up too.
    :rofl: Bravus
  17. ive been riding for 2 years mostly with my visor up unless its raning, only ever copped minor injuries like dust or mozies in the eye.
    Just yesterday I copt something in the eye and it got stuck in there, unfortunately it could barely keep my other uninjured eye open, so was almost driving blind. Very fortunate that i pulled over right next to a doctors surgery!

    From now on i think i ride with sunnies on :) or maybe invest in some riding googles you can wear under ur helmet, do these exist?
  18. ben and i got a stick on Fog shield for inside our Visors
    and BELIEVE me they work Perfectly
    rode through a Thick FOG and down pour
    Colac to to Warnambool 14-15 th july
    everyone followed My lights as they could barely see ,
    we had No problems at all
    even early morning riding and warm person & cold air Nope No Fogging up

    Give Brain a Ring Bike Mart Ringwood
    03 9879 5822
    i know your not in Vic but he can tell you what we got
    tell them the ones that Jo & Ben bought
    actually on that note all the guys know whom I am :shock:

    another tip;
    i used to do was open the front vent near your chin and the visor a few millimetre
  19. I'm blind in one eye to begin with so always try to protect the other eye. I'm dreading the day something gets into it!

    Safety glasses from the hardware shop are great. Can get clear or tinted and they have moveable arms so are easy to put on with the visor. Yes, I might look like a nuff nuff, but at least I'll be a nuff nuff who can still see what a nuff nuff I look like! :grin:
  20. Haha reminds me of a girl at work. She went to put on her safety glasses and poked herself in the eye with one of the arms. You should have seen the incident report on that one :LOL: