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I know you dont care..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. and only love me for my +5 kitchen b!tch skills... but I'M MOVING TO BRISBANE!!!!

    So it goes a little like this: I have a brother in sydney who invited me to announce their wedding at a christening... Me being shamless and in good spirits (25yr old scotch) er I met some really nice female police officers :oops: and made some good friends and bruises :wink:... anyhow I met a couple with two little kids who were being a little unmanageable So I played the good uncle part for 15 minutes and let the couple be normal for spell and enjoy some peace.

    Turns out one of my new couple friends is at certain property group in brisbane... :wink: So my job on the coast has been dragging out and it seems work is drying up so I needed to make a move... now

    Being mates I went to the couples birthday party. Walked in in full motorcycle battle dress black visor down parting the yuppies like mosses and hugged my adoptive nieces, my brother, his wife and my new nephew. then ducked up stairs for a sower and to get changed... Then proceeded to get smashed, in a respectable dignified way :LOL: Later in teh night i am sitting with my brother and my mate when he mentons there are two jobs on offer in brisbane... I asked for him to tee up an interview.

    Stoked as I went to the interview with Adenbrook Homes and interview really really well. But i didn't get the job i'm a bit over qualified for a pleb drafting position. later last week I got a call back for another interview... err ok...

    The interview with Design Build went really well and I have accepted thier offer :wink:

    Now I'm house Hunting!
  2. see be nice to people and this is how they pay you back :grin:
  3. congrats wardie....thats great news
  4. Interesting story... and congrats!
  5. That does it..... I'm moving :p

    Nah, serious congrats Wardy. Of course you be moving to the Southside won't you :twisted:
  6. with you under my bed no way... i'm getting a hammock at the beach!!! manly, bulimba, somewhere on teh south side of the river within a half an hour's walk of work... :wink:
  7. congrats nice work...
    good luck with the move :)
  8. We care :)

    I actually didn't get most of your story, you went to a christening, got drunk,played with some kids, got laid, went to a wedding, got drunk, went to a birthday part, got drunk, got offered a job, took the job.

    And now you're moving to Brissy.

    I see a theme here. Are you getting drunk to celebrate?
  9. A yep, mucho grande bbq and drinks...

    and for the record "played with kids" is not in the Michael Jackson way.
  10. Er yes. Prolly should not have put 'got laid' right after that bit, no. :oops:
  11. the police officer / s came first... :wink:

    if you read correctly
  12. i thought u were a nurse!..and living in brissy!

    goooood on you! best o luck
  13. Obviously the gentleman you are :grin:
  14. Well I was raised a gentleman. It clearly stated in the gentleman's almanac on several occasions pertaining to women and order in which a gentleman must act : "a woman shall come first"

    I have lived by that rule and by god i will die trying to uphold that one statement.

    Oh and stump my dad was a nurse, matron of a hospital, teller of horrible stories about motorcycle crash victims and all round and fixer of broken things...
  15. Congrats.

    I have a spare bedroom here that I can move a whole heap of crap out of. My housemate is moving out towards the end of the year anyway... but it sounds like you're looking for your own place.

    If it's of interest to you let me know.
  16. God damn Wardie! Congratulations!

    Of course we care!!!! YAY!!!! :grin:

    One of our QLD riding buddies closer to home!

    When r you getting a scoot so we can ride together???? :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. will keep it in mind andrew, cheers... oh btw is the fcuker ever off cs?

    god damn and i though i had an addiction... :roll:
  18. Only when he's at work......

    You gotta come here (or at least move northside) so I can show you the 150kph wheelie on the way home from work spot....... you're gonna love it.

    yes I know, it's suicidal squidding and I dont care.....
  19. we can scoot anytime you want, i can teach you how to be a RELAXED pillion now dirty trix has broken you in... . But alas getting a motorcycle functional again is another story...
  20. I don't care, never did :shock: