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I know why I am up, but haven't you got something better to do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. I'm waiting to check in to catch my plane from Darwin to Cairns. My check in is not even open yet and NR seems a good a way as any to stay awake. But you? Haven't you got something else you should be doing?

  2. Alas, no. I am very broke as my insurance and chain/sprockets were due this month.

    So I'm drinking and surfing!
  3. Good mix. Just don't go near any auction sites.
  4. I have no money with which to auction. So, what's in Cairns/darwin... Whichever you don't live in.
  5. just watched Brazil get beaten in the world cup. the weekend just get batter and hopefully Germany winning tomorrow night will top it off even better:D
  6. I live in Cairns, Darwin was a short break. Met my mum in Darwin and spent the last few days traveling NT. Not long now before I can check in.....
  7. Had work till 12 and got home to have a squizz at the jets in the carbies of my VFR while watching the Dutch beat Brazil...I knew the Dutch would win.

    I also hope the Germans win tomorrow :).

    Hate to be at the border of Netherlands and Germany if they are both in the finals lol
  8. watching football
  9. That would be a good game. Who are left to play? Haven't really taken a lot of notice of the World Cup this time, especially with that frikkin noise in the background.
  10. BBBBZBZBBZZZZZZZzzzZZzZZzZZZzZzzZzZzzzzzzZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Currently South Korea are playing Uruguay. Spain vs Paraguay.

    Whoever wins out of South Korea/Uruguay will play the Dutch I think.

    Germany vs Argentina tomorrow, should be a good game.
  12. .... can't sleep!!...:-s
  13. I don't have a life :D