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I know the Aussie Dollar is good, but..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, May 23, 2011.

  1. Why would you pay $449US freight to get a $100 discount on the price of a tyre here in Australia :LOL:

  2. If you look around enough there is lots better deals out there.I recieved 1 set of 003 bridgstone tyres and 1 set of metzler M5s delivered for under $600 australian,thats 4 tyres which is $150 aust each
  3. That is crazy. MUST be a typo surely?

    Z900 do you have a website link mate?
  4. the problem for me is the dreaded 16" front wheel, which drastically limits my choice of tyres

    the ideal solution, apart from buying a 1999 model, is to find a set of '99 front forks and a wheel, then I would have 17" front and heaps of choices
  5. cheap tyres come from jakewilson.com

    but dont expect the bike shops to be too happy when you take them to get fitted.
  6. Yep rocky mountain/jake wilson same thing
  7. yeah its all same/same.

    its best to buy tyres in bulk or with a mate from them because the shipping goes on $ value, not on what the product is.

    took 6 days from payment to getting the tyres.
  8. Hornet, I just got a new set on mine. There are still tyre manufacturers that make them for our 16" wheels, just gotta scour the catalogues. Went with a set of continental sport attacks. So far so good apart from one minor front wheel lock up when the tyre was barely 3km old and I had to emergency brake for some old granny driving
  9. I did a lot of searching but didn't find that one :shock:


    I'll call around about it in the morning (while still trying to convince Mrs Hornet that I need to buy a 1999 model :LOL:)
  10. Yea so far quite happy with them. Scrubbed them in nicely on the GOR. Only thing is the front might take a day or two to get used to as the profile is super high. Awesome tip in, but takes getting used after used tyres :p
  11. I'll introduce them to Macquarie Pass :LOL:.
  12. I bit the bullet and bought a set of pilot road 3 from teammoto this morning. I had bald spots forming and needed to ride today.

    Paul the $449 postage thing is probably automatically generated, I doubt anyone from OZ to buy... Ebay sometimes mixes international results into an ebay.com.au search.

    Oh, and the pilot road 3's were awesome.

  13. yeah, I agree that it must be a glitch in the eBay system, but it sure makes for funny reading....

    I'm sure the Pilot Road 3s ARE terrific, but Michelin don't make a tyre in 16" size.....
  14. If the Ebay automated freight quote seems a little excessive, Ask the seller for an exact price, Sometimes theyre happy to quote (and charge) a realistic price, other times Oz is just too hard for them so you pay the extra, or go somewhere else.
  15. Today I ordered a Continental Sport Attack from my usual mechanic. If it turns out OK I'll stick one on the back as well.

    Thanks all for your experience and advice, and I might well try eBay next time, and discuss a realistic freight price :LOL: