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I know the answer, but WHY no white bike gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. After returning from an insufferably hot ride on Monday, clad, as we all are, in my regulation black jacket and black Draggin Jeans, I was browsing my picture collection and found a pic of Will Hartog, the Dutch GP rider of the 70s. Here he is.


    Will was kindly known as The White Knight :LOL:.

    And it struck me: we have mesh gear to try and keep cooler, but why don't we have light-coloured leather gear, offering better protection, but not being a giant heat-sink which we carry round on our backs?

    I know it would be harder to keep clean, but surely in this technological age of wizardry in which we live someone could manufacture light-coloured, even white, leather gear which would be cooler but just as protective as our stock, punishing black?
  2. i dont think its so much the cleaning of the color, off road gear uses a lot of light colorer suade, white leather boots etc and all for goign in mud and crud, i think it is just in the market side, looking for over pants in PVC / plastic and its all black, (90% ish) using a product than can be any colour, and to be riden in storms etc...
    I htink the dririder rally stuff is about the lightest in colors, although some of the female line of msh stuff is light colors...
  3. I think it's probably due to poor sales.
    I mean, how many would wear white ?
    Looks kinda girly :LOL:
  4. There is white gear around and you don't need to go back to 70s to find it - if you visit the current Alpinestars website for example, out of four models of 2-piece suits they offer two can be had in white...

    Admittedly whether they can be bought in Australian stores is another matter since we always get the crappiest colours and the most limited ranges.
  5. Bugger white, I want Bowie-starman/space blanket silver!
  6. if you know the answer why pose the question? it it meant to be a trick question?

    its avaliable but not many people buy it. i wouldnt want to be cleaning a white jacket all the time.
  7. The real reason is that they retired that colour from use in the 80's in honour of the movie 'Stone'........... :LOL:
  8. The real question is: does white coloured gear actually keep you cooler than black in realistic riding conditions?

    People always say riding is the closest thing to flying... well if we are anything like pigeons may be black isn't so bad in the wind...


    Animal coat color and radiative heat gain...At low wind speeds, black plumages acquired much greater radiative heat loads than did white plumages. However, associated with the greater penetration of radiation into light than dark plumages, the radiative heating of white plumages is affected less by convective cooling than is that of black plumages. Thus, the heat loads of black and white plumages converge as wind speed is increased. This effect is most prominent in erected plumages, where at wind speeds greater than 3 ms–1 black plumages acquire lower radiative heat loads than do white plumages.

    Okay, so maybe we aren't pigeons, but we do tend to get that wind cooling system going.... maybe someone with a better science background than mine could explain this more clearly.
  9. Hubby just got a Black and White A * jacket. It took an hour to clean the bug guts off it after our 3000km ride the other weekned. They must breed big juicy bugs out the back of Mildura there :cry:
  10. i have a white dainese jacket. everything else is black, so i wanted something that cars can see.

  11. Upkeep (cleaning off bugs, road grime etc) aside, I would wear white in pref to black if it were easily available ... a lot of the websites that I've looked at do offer it (the latest Dainese is gorgeous!) but finding a store here in Aus that actually stocks white anything-leather as a matter of course, is trickier

    and I don't mind looking kinda girly :grin:

    that's because I am one! :LOL:
  12. It's difficult to find something which isn't black nowadays.
  13. My one-piece suit is predominately white.
  14. i have the white alpinestars suit...id never wear black, hate it.
  15. . . . because some say he has all the copyrights and trademarks to all white riding suits !!!
    But we know him, as the STIG !!!

  16. The new ZX10R looks very nice in white

    Would make a nice match with the rider in white
  17. Why do you want to dress like semen?
  18. {pedantic git}Semen is white, individual sperm aren't{/pedantic git}
  19. You are wise.

    May allah reward you on the 6th day of ramadan, inshalla brother Bravus.
  20. I thank you. (Even if I have to wait a fair while for my blessing, if I remember correctly when the Holy Month is. ;))