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I know my bike's not as good as some others....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. .....but I love it anyway, and even though it will never be ridden to the limits of its capacity (or even star in an interminable kangaroo story) it's mine and it makes me happy. Does it have to do anything more than that?
    For those who have better bikes, I envy you and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine!

  2. Is there a point to this thread considering the cbrr one turned to shit and was locked?
  3. Axe. Grind.

    *shrugs* Lock?
  4. Good onya mate. i know where you are coming from, if you didnt think it was the best you wouldnt own it.
  5. People rag my CB250 NightHawk but it's mine and it gives me freedom.
  6. marty, you are mean. you could have hurt someones feelings.
  7. Of all the bikes I've owned, my VFR750 is by far the best. I anticipate that it will be the last bike I ever buy. I can commute on it, go for a quick fang up Macquarie Pass and not be disgraced, I've toured thousands of kilometres on it, and, with the Staintune up-pipe, I reckon it sounds as good as any bike on the road.

    AND, it's RED so it goes faster.

  8. Seems to be alot more hostility round these forums than back in feb when I joined (only 5 odd months ago).

    now i know im not a big contributor (mainly just read the posts and applaude other peoples entries in the jokes and humour section... keep up the great work pvda :) ), but have i, like, missed something major here? :?
  9. shame marty, shame..
  10. Yeah, I like my bike, but I don't want it to be the last one I'll ever own.

    Struth, if I thought like that I might become one of those interminable bores who goes on and on and on and on and on about how good it was in the old days

    You know the type: "Those modern bikes you guys ride are no good... I had a Vincent Black Shadow. It'd do 200 mph and only fire every second telegraph pole... and you could do a complete engine rebuilt on the side of the road"

    happiness is relative. Sure, I was happy riding my RX125 on L plates, but I'm happier now!!

    Hmmm those new Buells look good :drool:
  11. Go the VFR go go go yey!!
  12. Hey Hornet, surprised by the responses you got to your thread?
    I'm surprised, too, but by you're putting it up at all. Surely you know by now that these forums are all about sour old cynics trying to tell everyone else how great they are ;)
  13. Actually v_q I know exactly what you mean about the vfr being mmy last bike

    But, you see, I'm 56 years old already and I can't see that I'll NEED another bike in the forseeable future. There's also the economic argument (that's the one I get from the better half every time I start talking about spending money!!!)

    If I won the lottery tomorrow (which would be hard since I don't buy tickets), of course I'd look at buying something else, but, for the forseeable future, the VFR will do me and I'll just get old and crabby and berate all you youngsters about how great my bike has been for the last 30 years!!!
  14. The only thing you NEED to do is die... :)

    Go on, LIVE instead. At least dream about the possibility of another better bike. Who knows, it might keep the spring in your step (and the the twinkle in Mrs rc36's eye?) a little longer.

  15. Well said hornet . Beats standing around cafe's comparing penis sizes . I love it why (william wallace voice) FREEDOM. :wink:
  16. Thanks for the reponses. Actually Goose and Titus got the point well, if all this forum is for is for people to score cheap points at everyone else's expense, I'm sure Vic and Co can think of better things to do with their time.
    Midnight, it IS about freedom, my freedom to ride the Hornet nowhere near as well as most others could, marty's freedom to reduce the 'roo population at every possible opportunity, Dan's freedom to throw in his usual incisive comments, and everybody's freedom to be respected because they choose to take part. And as far as what we ride and how it compares with what other people ride, who knows how many of us are telling the truth, about ANYTHING: this is, after all, an unregulated medium!