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I know it's my fault, but still......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HeezaGeeza, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Parked my bike on Hill St, North Sydney at 9.00am today in the designated motorcycle parking area. It's on pavement for those that don't know, at the top of a hill with space for about 15 bikes and one car space with a chain across in front of the parked car.

    Anyway, parked up in a space and had a channel available both in and out of the area. Came back after half an hour and found I was blocked in by a Kymco scooter in front and a Vespa behind with some Honda scooter pretending to be a bike behind that.

    All the bikes around me had steering locks on which p#ssed me off no end as it limited any ability to get out.

    So I wait 30 minutes and it's clear I could be there all day. I'm self employed so I can't afford to wait any more. Take the Kymco of the center stand in front of me, wheel it round as much as I can and put it back on the stand.

    I then thread my bike through the gap between a Ducati Monster on my right and the car on my left then out the space where the scooter was. At that point I just clipped the rear wheel of the scooter and being high and light it went straight on its side.

    I nearly dropped my CB600F trying to stop it falling (no chance), so got mine out of the way, went back and inspected the damage - bent rear brake lever and scuffs to the top box. Picked it up, put it back and left a note with contact details on.

    So angry though - both with myself and inconsiderate riders boxing everyone in and leaving locks on. Is there some etiquette there I'm missing in these areas???
  2. That sucks dude but on the glass half full side, at least your bike is sweet!

    You sure are a good bloke and probably did the right thing. I'm not sure of the correct etiquette here, but that went out the window with the last bike that parked you in. Some scooter riders are completely devoid of sense but they would have assumed you were working and would be there all day. That is if they thaught about it at all.

    It would have only served them right and taught them a lesson if you just left, but in the end you have done the correct thing. I would wait for the call now and mention how you had an emergency and had to get out,so you will consider 'assisting' them with the cost of repairs. I feel 50/50 would be fair, after all they could have come back to a bike on the ground with no note due to their own careless action.

    My initial reaction would be think they deserved it (and not just because it's a scooter) and just leave. On second thoughts, I would HATE to come back to my baby and see it like that...

    I have had this happen and I'm a big strong bloke so I just picked up the scooters and put them to the side with notes saying "next time you park in a real bike your's might 'accidentally' get knocked over when I try to get out...
  3. I wouldn't have left a note, he parked you in and got what he deserved to be honest. If you block someone in you kind of have to expect that they are going to want out one way or another.
  4. The etiquette there is if you park there don't expect to get out till 5pm

    I work in North Sydney, I park there only if i dont need my bike.
  5. i only park there when i get my hair cut and i usually make sure it's at night so i don't get parked in by a hundred million scooters!

    It's a nightmare that place.
  6. I ride a scooter and I get pissed off at people who can't park their friggin bikes straight! At my local supermarket there's a 'Motorbikes Only' parking section only big enough for about three bikes and one Spada owner today decided to block the whole thing off by parking at a retarded angle.

  7. So you're saying that everyone should leave their bikes unlocked, just in case you come along one day. Not gonna happen.

    Sorry to state the obvious without knowing, but could you have moved the scooter a bit further away to give you a bit more room? Ah well...it happened...fair enough to be annoyed, and kudos for not just riding off like some aholes will do. Good karma.
  8. You don't own a scooter with a note on it do you VC? =P~
  9. Nah had to go to Action motorcycles at lunch so parked elsewhere.

    Wouldn't own a scoot either
  10. Fair comments. My thinking re the lock as if you're going to block someone in, at least give them the ability to move you out i.e. accept the risk of your bike being damaged if you're going to block and lock)

    I did have plenty of room, but just as I got my bike moving, some guy wanted to walk in the gap I'd created as tried to move the bike forward. This caused me to stop on the hill and lose momentum, so after he went through I just started again and went slightly to far forward and clipped (by a mm) the rear tire. As it weighed about 3Kg it just went straight over.

    As for leaving a note, I hated doing it a) because they blocked me in, essentially starting the whole chain of events and b) because it was a crap scooter. Ultimately, regardless of what it was, it was someone else's property and I damaged it. Hopefully Karma will come back if it ever happens to me.

    Interesting, no phone call yet........
  11. He owns "a crap scooter'. Maybe he can't read.
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  12. I posted a thread which I can now see is useless as this claim is regarding North Sydney so Ill ask it here instead considering I dont know how to delete my thread.

    A few of you work in north sydney, what time does the parking on hill street usually get packed and no spots are available?

    Thanks (smiley face)
  13. "motorbikes only" means just that, not ****ing scooters
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  14. What part about 'Motorbikes Only' do you not understand.

    EDIT: Beaten :(
  15. About 15 minutes the oxford street clubs close
  16. Two wheels and an engine, technically you ride a scooter.
    But seriously, we have the smallest, easiest to park vehicles around so let's take advantage of that and use the space properly.
  17. Fvcking scooter riders.
  18. Get a sidestand and then you can park in the two wheeled spot. Everyone leaned over is more efficient.

    Cars are upright when parked. Go park in those spots if you want to be upright.
  19. You saying that self entitled bullshit if the Spada was there when you were trying to ride your machines in, I imagine.

    Edit: speaking of bullshit, the upright machines are no less appropriate in a parking bay than a fatty ffs.
  20. Well here's to hoping you don't get one!

    Banged up old scooter - perhaps the owner won't bother or they might realise they did park you in and consider fair is fair if the damage is minimal. Perhaps that Karma is already working....