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I know it's been a while since I rode, but Damn!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Doggy, May 26, 2006.

  1. I might need a chainsaw next ride day!

  2. Now that's what I call an anti-theft device!
  3. hmmmm now thats what i call Long term Parking :applause:
  4. looks like that bikes rooted *boom tish* :roll:
  5. LOL, yeah rooted!

    The photo was actually taken on the island from "Lost". It was only parked for 15 minutes! Whhhhhooooo SPOOKY :LOL:
  6. Did the rider stop to make a trunk call??
  7. Now that is funky
    Funky in that ghost busters sorta way...
  8. It's fun going out on yer bike lookin' for a root........ :p
  9. Ok tell me what the hell that one called then Don. :p
  10. Been riding with a woody have ya? :LOL:
  11. hahah ... the advert in the trading post said "as is where is" :LOL:
  12. Yeah it was BYO "Dean Brothers" :LOL:
  13. Hmmmm splitting is dangerous!
  14. Sumoto will flog it off as a 2006 complianced 'Learner special - as new'
  15. Nah, it's bigger than a 250...

    Sumoto are branching out into bigger bikes :LOL:
  16. I heard that the Victorian Police clocked it on radar at 120 in a 70 zone.
  17. Newspaper article would read:

    "Investigators thought they had discovered the root of the accident. However, they became stumped when they realised the had been barking up the wrong tree. Frustrated they decided to leave the crime scene and branch the investigation into other potential leads, the strangler vine being there number 1 suspect."
  18. Yep it was either a very very high speed impact or a very very low speed impact :p
  19. Maybe the tree thought it was gonna get a "ride" and got a wee stiffie over the though of riding a bike.
    A bike that ran on water.! ! :grin:
  20. this reminds me of a good pick up line.

    Hi, ever bumped into a tree?


    Well how about a root?

    I never said it was going to be funny :)