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I know it's a Trike, but OMG !!!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Hawk Concept Vehicle


  2. well no lane splitting that for sure....

    and if your going to make it look like a car....... just make a darn car

    the single wheel drive a the back would lead to destabilise it all i would think. I'm no engineer though.
  3. Actually Drew a 3 wheeler is more stable with one wheel at the rear than they are with 1 wheel at the front.

    nb... I'm not saying anything about stability vs 4 wheelers, just talking about 3 wheelers.
  4. I'd much rather have one of those than a T-Rex. I'm assuming you can get a 14 engine in it :twisted:
  5. I like :grin: - although like all 3-wheeler designs I'd like to know how well it'd cope with corners. Hope that grille behind the drivers head isn't the air intake though - the novelty of the induction noise would wear off real fast if it was :shock: .
  6. Hey - someone's fitted Ripley's hypersleep pod with wheels! :LOL:
  7. pff no good, hasnt even got a back seat, no fun to be had in that cage :LOL:
  8. 3 wheels , i can get my 3 wheeled sweeper on its side , might want to fit training wheels for high speed
  9. its inside the capsule bit, would it be the induction??
  10. it's like they combined the front of a car and tapered it to the ass of a bike :?
  11. I see no indication it is fitted with cupholders...

  12. Looks like the peugeot with a roof. Personally I like the peugeot better.

    Toy are meant to look good, be impractical and loads of fun. Why put a roof on it.

  13. Looks like a 'transformers' toy.
  14. I like the Peugeot better its got more style, that Hawk thing is concept all the way...
  15. Like them both. Variety is the spice of life.
  16. well at least they are shedding wheels in the right direction... next the front will lose one wheel and then we can welcome the cagers "thinking the are driving a car" to the dark side..... :twisted:
  17. Will try and dig up some pics, some pommy guys made a 3 wheeler, with a busa rear, and a formula ford front end.

    Absolutely awesome! went like shi* off a shovel, and handled as well.

    weight was only slightly more than the bike.
  18. From the look it's either that or the radiator. And putting the radiator there would make even less sense.
  19. Did anyone watch Peking to Paris on the ABC?
    One of the ancient cars on the rally was a 3 wheeler.

    Biggest problem with three wheelers (at least pre-WW1), and I see no reason it wouldn't occur on this machine, is the tendency for the underweight rear end to lift under braking, leading to uncontrolled stoppies, easily flipping the damn thing.

    If it's three wheels it'll have to be mid-engined (like the piaggio scooter thing), or have perfect weight distribution.