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I know it's a personal thing but...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NOT4US, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. ... I really felt like shouting ATGATT!!!
    Yesterday as I was waiting for my bus to get back home (I’ve become another Sydney Public Transport sufferer while the Zed is still waiting for parts) this guy stops in front of me on his 2011 CBR250R wearing a KBC Helmet, short white leather gloves, Alpinestars SMX-5 boots, jeans(inside boots), T-SHIRT & A “FASHION” SCARF!
    I though WTF??? If you have time to put on proper boots and gloves, the least you can do is have some kind of protection for your upper body, if not protective gear at the very least a long sleve jacket of some sort, not to mention the risks of wearing a scarf (which was hanging from its neck by about 1 metre!).
    I thought about shouting ATGATT to him as I was less than 2 metres away but then I though he may not even now what it means.

    Sorry bout the rant but being bike-less fro more than 6 weeks now is getting to my nerves and I feel like I need to vent somehow...

  2. Isadora Duncan?
  3. Who cares? I have gone out in shorts and a tshirt before, or in my suit pants and a shirt... Each to their own.

    You don't know how far he was riding, where, what the risk was. Had gloves and a helmet on so the basics were covered. I have my own set of rules for me regarding gear, other people have their own. Let them be.

    Why do we require others to make the same choices as us? If they choose to ride with no gear, they are the ones responsible for if they come off and what damage is done.

    Live and let live. Ironically derogatory squidding comments seem to come mostly from those who haven't been riding very long at all - a couple of months or less. Not always though.
  4. GOLD!!

    Seriously, NFUS, mate, I know it's just a rant, but trying to change other peoples' behaviour by telling US how silly they are doesn't really achieve anything, as frustrating as the behaviour may be....
  5. That's why the subject of the thread says "personal thing".
    Each to its own I guess and I'm not criticizing anyone, just venting as I said, sorry if I offended anyone.
  6. I've noticed the number of nods I get is inversely proportional to the amount of gear I'm wearing...
  7. The weather begins to warm, the ATTGATT debate begins. As sure a sign of spring as the first blow fly, the jacarandas and the first snake sightings.

    I'm just happy that you've reminded me that winters over :)
  8. Who cares?? He is only going to hurt himself if he has an off..

    Do you rant about the filthy smokers that are not only slowly killing themselves , but also selfishly harming all those around them- like the kids in the back seat of the car, or sitting around the dinner table?

    Get a real issue.:-({|=
  9. Not always, particularly in my case when I've been riding for well over 15 years.
    I wasn't making a derogatory comment, simply mentioning what I felt was a risky approach to riding in the CBD (my bike, my wife and my body can attest for that).
    If I could I would have explained my views to the rider and given him my advice, that's all.

    Why I'm telling you all of this? Dunno, maybe because I've been coming to this forums for the last few weeks and feels like having a talk to my mates but believe I'm not trying to change things or achieve anything, just idle chat...
  10. Actually please don't take it as having a go at you - although it is worded that way.

    The trend seems to indicate that there is a culture of judgementalism pushed into riders at some point between the "I want to get a bike" and the "I am riding stage".

    I am not sure if it is in training, reading some stuff on the internet or when first riding when fear is at a maximum when it happens (i.e. when first riding when people go throught he scary bit and the reality hits them of potential problems if they come off). Or maybe it is the sort of personalities that ride, while being individual somehow think others should make the same decisions as them (i.e. some sort of insecurity whereby someone making a different decision, is taken as a criticism of their own) - you don't see this just with squidding either.

    Personally my instructor pushed the "everyone needs to make decisions for themselves" approach which I found quite good. Although early on I was a bit judgemental about gear. Now I couldn't care what others do. In the warmer states, riding without gear is more common.

    Some food for thought...

    As above - wasn't directed so much at you as some general thoughts. I'd actually checked and already realised you'd been riding for a while.
  11. I know exactly how you feel mate. Yesterday I pulled up a set of lights and this guy stops next to me in a Hyundai excel wearing no seatbelt and the car had NO AIRBAGS!

    I thought WTF? If you have the means to purchase a car the least you can do is buy one that provides some form of protection for your upper body. Not to mention the risks of not wearing a seatbelt.

    I too thought about shouting ATAATT!!! (all the airbags all the time) but I thought he may not know what it means. These idiots flouting safety should be stopped, they are ruining it for all us other drivers.
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  12. No worries, your views are as valid as mine and anyone else's :wink:
  13. I saw a guy riding in the dead of winter with no gloves. I didn't care about his safety, I just couldn't figure out how he could stand it
  14. It's all a bit like "No offence, but you smell really bad and I think you're quite ugly, no offence but."

    Popping out to have a public rant and telling everyone to ignore you if they don't agree? Really?

    When last in NZ I borrowed my brother's bike to nip into the city, hot sunny day and the only gear he owned was a helmet (he'd given the gear away in anticipation of selling the bike). I assessed my risk and decided to go anyway in jeans and a T-shirt. A couple in a car stopped at the lights next to me and started hurling abuse... "You shouldn't be riding like that. You're a bloody idiot. That's not gear for riding in. If you come off you'll get really ****ed up. I'm a Ulysses member, I know what I'm talking about."

    They didn't know me, how far I was going, what the circumstances were, they just "knew better". Please.

    Do yourself and everybody else a favour next time and don't mention it. No offence.
  15. :LOL: I think the same thing every time I see someone riding with open face helmets in winter and no masks or anything.
    Again, their choice, but I wouldn't stand that. Heck, I open the visor for a while if it's getting foggy and next thing you know my nose is cold as ice and running like a hose.
  16. should have bashed him for being gay.
  17. #18 Dougz, Sep 13, 2011
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    Not appropriate champ
  18. Where did I do that?
    I just expressed my views and I'm not asking anything of anyone. You may agree, you may not, but it's my opinion.
    As I said, given the chance I would have given him my advice in an educated manner, never being abusive or thinking myself better than anyone and never assuming to know him or his circumstances, just friendly advice from biker to biker, I thought that was what is all about, friendliness and camaraderie, sharing experiences and advice.
    Maybe is the parent in me, who knows...
  19. You can tell that Spring has sprung when the first green shoots of squid threads push their way out of the frozen soil :D.

    Edit: Damn, beaten by Smileedude.
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