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I know it's a bit late for WSBK... [PIC]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Assassin, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Hey guys.... (not forgetting any ladies here either) :)

    I took a few pics at Phillip Island at the WSBK during the practice sessions a few weeks ago... last right hander before the main straight... (maybe someone can let me know what the name of it is.... thanks)

    Pic 1 - Haga Noriyuki #41

    Pic 2 - Carlos Checa #7

    Pic 3 - Rolfo Roberto #44

    Pic 4 - Sofuoglu Kenan #54

    Canon 1D MkII N + EF 400 f/2.8

  2. Bloody awesome mate!

    First one looks like he's looking right at you.
  3. Edit: Double post, go internet.
  4. Thanks...

    Thanks for the comp RedNob, yeah, he was looking straight at me...

  5. Seen a few good pics on this site, they are Magazine quality :cool:

    So what does that set up cost?
  6. Those are ace pics. That's a rare talent that you have there.

    Fantastic :shock:
  7. That would be MG. Turn 10.

    Excellent pics too.
  8. 1D Mk II would have been about ~$6-7,000 when released?

    EF 400 f/2.8L IS RRP is about $12,000, but you can get it for cheaper ;)

    I'd be nervous having that hanging around my neck... heck I get nervous with my 400D
  9. Camera and lens...

    Glad you like the pics here boys....

    Ginji is about right on the cost of those, although as he said I did get it a bit cheaper, but not much ! :eek: it is a lot of boodle in anyones language.... and too heavy to hang around my neck :shock:

    The 1D MkII N is an ace camera for sport as it takes 8.5 frames per second... so you will always see consecutive shots that you can pick the best one out of... sweeet...

    Have a good'un...

  10. Wow. Those are :cool: photos. Especially love pic 3.
  11. Interesting to see the different approaches to "looking through the corner".
  12. Magnificent Pics !!!!!!

  13. Well definitely wont be coming along on a trail ride then :shock:
  14. Great photo's Assassin!

    Number 2 is my new wallpaper :)

  15. Love to see the rest of your photography.. judging by this lot it'll be exceptionally good.
  16. Awesome shots, surely there are more than 4 though..........post 'em up dude!
  17. What can I say....?

    I really appreciate your comments and I'm happy that you liked them.

    I am not a pro and I don't do this for a living. I just like bikes, and I like photography and I like doing them together. The glass and the camera are very serious, and I doubt whether I would ever make up what I spent on the equipment by selling my pics... would be nice though. I think if I only made my money back I would be happy... but hey, I'm just doing something I really love, and hopefully giving other people a bit of enjoyment.... and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the praise either :cool:

    Happy Days fellas and ride safe !!