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I know it has been said before, but...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 26, 2007.


    It is no loger fasionable OK.

  2. Nevers!
  3. Didn't the last person who made a post of this kind end up going down?

    And is Loz coming out this saturday?.... :p
  4. I'll try not to, no guarantees though! :grin:
  5. Taking every day as it comes, haven't come off in ages now...

    Interestingly, 12 out of the 50 threads on the first page of Gen. Discussion are "off" related threads. that's 24%...
  6. I'll try :grin:

    Just been to bike shop to consider next ride. New 08 Boulevard is a tasty blend of blue and silver. They'll order one in for me if I want it.

    Can't wait to get riding again as it'll be the Connex Express come Monday. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
  7. They've got one of them in the window of the bike shop down the road from me, the blue and silver looks HORN!!!
  8. Yeah but those things are so wide and low that if you had it laid over it would still look like it was standing up :LOL:
  9. http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l94/craigmann/harley3.jpg
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  10. Don't say things like that because I'm still too sore to have a tamper!!

  11. Ah but there's also a Suzy 1200 Bandit (air cooled carb model) for $9990 that I'm considering.

    Is it a mark of a motorcyclist that I'm visiting bike shops looking for next ride instead of the doctors to find out why I'm getting pain from lower back to stomach and down to the nads?

    Hmmm, best I call my docs. Only thing the hospital did was check the Xrays and once clear showed me the door.
  12. statistics can prove anything. fumteenth percent of people know that
  13. Are you denying that Netriders love a good crash? :LOL:
  14. nup still stand..... shit fell of my chair.... :p
  15. \:D/
  16. Went and had a look at the M109 Le (in the name of research for you Jeimbo) this morning.

    Blue with white stripe - have to have one of these.
    Clear lenses - yeah so what.
    Different seat cover - yeah so what
    Speedo face - typical yank shit - horrible
    More chrome - either way.
  17. But it's got a fat white racing stripe straight down the middle!!!!!!!!!11!!!! What more could you want???
  18. Found a Suzy 1200 Bandit for $9990 + ORC.

    Just trying to get the insurance mob to see it my way.

    Apparently my wreck is with the Fowles crew - as the insurance rep says - that's a one way street.