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I KNOW I'm getting older, but ..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. .. I didn't think my memory was completely shot.

    I'm sure I read, maybe here or in a magazine, that Draggin Jeans had brought out a jean with a silk-type inner liner, to protect your legs from Kevlar burns.

    But today I went into two bike shops and they said 'never 'eard of 'em, mate', and I can't find them on the Draggin web-site :?

  2. Dunno about the silk liner but they now have:

    The Dyneema is new and is said to stop the kevlar itch.
  3. Just a sidelight on this; Draggin have recently updated their web-site and nearly every external link to products provides an error message on the site. More work needed, Mr Web-Master.
  4. Hornet I have a very faint memory of YOU mentioning that here before... :)
  5. Kinda; I'm usually banging on about getting Kevlar burns from Draggins, and wearing something underneath them to prevent that happening. That's why I was pleased to hear that they had produced a pair of pants with both the Kevlar, AND some shielding of the skin from it. But, it seems, it must have been in my dreams :LOL:!!!

    {Kevlar burns aren't as bad as road rash, but they take just as long to heal :(}
  6. Stop crashing, Paul
  7. Aarrrgh, that be true, too, me hearty!
  8. You must be thinking of the new product called Slicks? they are a skin tight type of jean.

    But sandwiching the kevlar between the denim and a silk type of liner (of the type that leather pants have) would be a brilliant move.
  9. I'll go and look.
  10. what no more bike shorts?