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I know I shouldn't have, but....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by the mole, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Cruising up the old Pacific Highway towards Hornsby on my brother's old XJ900, in the middle of three lanes and slowly catching a truck in the left lane. I notice an old Camry wagon coming up from behind in the left lane, and mentally note that by the time he gets to the back of the truck there won't be room for him to overtake it because I'll be there. So, I was already covering the brake and the horn when he pulled into the bit of lane I was occupying.
    I used them both, just avoiding him, and he continued the lane change and drove on as if I wasn't there. I followed him for a while at a normal distance as I felt that when he stopped I'd like to have a little chat. He kept looking in his mirror and as he approached a green light he slowed right down, then as the light changed he accelerated through. Across the intersection he checked the mirror again to make sure I'd been left behind and was probably a bit disappointed.
    His next trick was a quick swerve into a side street without indicating. By this time we'd established the Camry wasn't going to lose the XJ in a street race and he was looking worried. He was also obviously lost and expecting to get his head beaten in, so he pulled up next to a truckload of Council workers.
    I stopped in front of him, got off the bike and walked back. On the way I realised I was wearing black leathers and had just got off a blue and white bike, so when he wound his window down I said "Could I see your drivers licence please". He replied "Are you Police Officer?", so I just said "I want to see your licence". As he looked left to get it out of his bag, I saw my left hand reach into the car and remove the ignition key (A really weird feeling, it seemed like someone else was doing it). I got back on the bike and rode off.
    Back on the highway I felt a bit sorry for him, so I went to a cop shop and handed the keys in, said I'd found them on the road.

    Yes, a really dumb thing to do, don't try this at home etc., but I felt good about making him realise that pushing bikes around doesn't always get you home quicker, a newbie might not have seen it coming and been hurt by such stupidity.
    Keep your eyes open and ride safely.

  2. Thanks for the laugh mate :)
  3. HAHAHA... that will teach the prick :p

    But yes you shouldnt have :)
  4. My nomination for post of the month!!! GOLD! :LOL:
  5. Hope he didn’t get your rego.
    Even though he was being a prick and a cop should pull him up for some of the things you have described, there is no Evidence, Of course you handed his keys into a cop shop…
    Hope he didn’t get your rego.
    BTW, Very Nice work
  6. :rofl: :rofl:

    Methinks said driver had a very guilty conscience and is not too bright.

    My helmet is off to you sir :grin:
  7. Great work mate, Thanks for the laugh! :LOL: And no I wont be doing that anytime soon, and good on ya for handing the keys back.
  8. It's surprising how much crap people give each other doing something as trivial as getting from point A to point B.

    The title pretty much sums it up: you shouldn't have. A bit of justice might serve the prick well, but let's just hope it doesn't come back to bite you.
  9. +1

    In hindsight it was actually a dumb thing to do, especially if he gets your rego and reports you for impersonating a police officer.

    But fark me it was also BRILLIANT!

    Let's hope said idiot learns from this.
  10. [-X ... but who cares well done... you should have just thrown the bloddy keys away. but i guess you did the right thing by handing them in.
  11. #11 Lobsta, Sep 4, 2008
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  12. LOL

    Very funny and very brave.

    What makes it funnier is how do the cops know who the keys belong to and how does the driver know which cop shop you dropped them off at. Hopefully it's not his only set of keys LOL.

    Note to self, do not piss off 'the mole'.
  13. Well done, that took some cojones on your behalf. i know I would have either dropped the sucker and or thrown his keys away. But then anger control was never my strong suit.


  14. you never said u were a cop, so i dont see how u were "impersonating" one. i can ask to see anyone's licence, whether or not they show me is another matter.
    as with others, hope he didnt get your rego,
    and here is a slap on the wrist, as i piss myself laughing :LOL:
  15. Funny as, i get angry too but that was maybe a bit much. You gotta be careful these days as you dont know what some people are like. They may look innocent and young but could be Packin' some heat or other.

    At least you handed the keys in, i would have gone to the effort and just dropped em somewhere, but i wouldnt have done it in the first place.
  16. lol, classic.

    But yeah, I would have maybe just thrown the keys down the nearest drain, or nearby bushes or roof, in view of him so at least he had a chance of getting them back, albeit not without a hassle.

    As it was, you 'stole' his property.
  17. No he didn't because he turned them in.
    Theft is the attempt or success to permanently deprive the owner of their property.
    This is not the case here.
  18. Well, okay. But the driver doesn't know his keys have been handed in, or where they were handed in. How will he get them back? The cops won't know who to get them back to.
    Hasn't he been permanently deprived of his keys?

    Or, let me ask this:

    If I take someone's car without their permission, drive it around all day, the owner reports it stolen, meanwhile. I never intend to keep the car, so I drop it off in a car park. The police see me doing this, and arrest me as I get out of the car. What will I be charged with?
  19. By god that is funny - yeah you definately shouldn't have done it.

    but seeing as you did, thanks for sharing :)
  20. Wow...I sure hope he had a spare set of keys, otherwise its going to be a VERY expensive lesson for him.

    And you better hope he didn't goto the nearest cop shop and say some sucker took his keys, they then go "Well thats funny, someone handed them in"

    The cops may come up with 2 explanations
    1: Someone took the guys keys and chucked them, you were nice enough to hand in keys you just found on the street

    2: You took his keys then took them to the police station. Whats to stop them checking security cameras of the cop shop itself to try identify you or your bike.

    I mean sure the guy got owned....but its not something I would have done personally.