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I knew petrol was an expensive commodity - but COME ON!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Clairebear, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Went to fill up at Kew BP on Saturday and for some reason the petrol was not coming. Then the attendant shouted out over the P.A. system

    "Prepay! Prepay!"


    I don't see anyone else having to "prepay"

    "You Bikes - Prepay! Bikes Prepay only!"


    Apparently because bikes don't have a front number plate, and we are all obviously criminals, we have to prepay when we fill up. Needless to say that if 1 numberplate is good enough for vicroads then it's not my problem - BP head office will be receiving a "strongly worded letter".
  2. He He, I can hear the accent as I type it...

    Congratulations, you have now been officially initiated into the "All Bikers Are Bad Arse Drug Pushing Drag Racing Grannie Killing Petrol Stealing Monsters" Club. Collect your badge and complimentary t-shirt on the way out...
  3. Thats horsecrap.

    I hope that doesn't follow through to other BPs..

    When you go to a servo how does it work, do they have to 'unlock' the pump or is it the other way around and they have to 'lock' it?

    I call for a riot.
  4. I've only come across that after 9pm for any vehicle at certain servos. But just for bikes?? Did you go elsewhere instead? I would just about push my bike to the next servo to protest that one! Of course, I'm not out in the country where that could be another town :wink:
  5. Did you have your helmet and gloves off?

    If so I'd be harder for you to do a runner than a car driver. I'd be pointing that out, telling him to bight me in front of as many people as possible, then going elsewhere.

    [edit] in fact I wonder if this fall iunder any anti-discrimination law?
  6. In the USA, most service stations are all pre-pay. Bikes, cars, whatever. The way to get around it is to just use the credit-card charge at the bowser. Faster than going in and waiting in line for some attendant anyway.
  7. You mean the same law that says I can't go to a Fernwood gym? Good luck with that. :LOL:
  8. whats the go with prepay you give them $20 and it only costs $14 ... then you have to go back and get your $6???

    ive been asked to prepay after 6pm at a place...but i only wanted to put $20 in my cage anyway so it wasnt a big deal then...but its a pain in the arse and you look like an idiot stanting at the pump wondering why it isnt working :oops:

    being the big scary theiving biker that you are... perhaps you shouldve gone inside and had a go at the bloke (orally)
  9. :grin:
  10. This was at about 3pm on a saturday arvo. Luckily it's a well-to-do-area and the Toorak Tractors need filling every 20 meters so there was another servo around the corner. The guy at that servo laughed his a$$ off when I told him! He said that you can tape the number plate on the rear of the bike with no problems.

    I understand walking in to pay and having to remove your helmet though.
  11. Dougz is much better at yelling at people than I am. When I do it people wonder why there is a little person yelling.
  12. wtf???
  13. And how does that work when one uses a credit card or eftpos card or for that matter 'BP' card to pay with (yes I have a BP card).
  14. ....as in video tape.
  15. I wonder if it makes a difference if that particular servo was franchised rather than directly BP-owned.
  16. I used to work at a servo. There was a huge number of drive-offs which would destroy any profit the shop made on drinks/chocolate/etc (there was no profit on petrol at all, often we were selling 2c-4c under cost).

    You gotta sell a whole lotta chocolate bars to make back one car full of premium ($60-100) or one bike full of premium ($20-30).

    So we always had the computer set that the pumps would not operate
    unless the console dude pushed an "approve" button. (The computer is adjustable, you can have it unlocked, pushbutton approved, or approve-to-a-set-$-amount).

    Late at nights, we would demand pre-pay at sites that didn't have video or had lots of thefts. If paying by card, you can leave your keys or card with the console guy, or if the pumps have card, use that.
  17. Definitely. I buy at a couple of different BPs and have never had problems.

    Because he laughed at you, I'd be making some phone calls to find out who his boss is.
  18. no no! The guy around the corner laughed (and in sympathy) - not the original kn*b jockey who was telling me to "prepay". Believe me, he would have eaten a huge knuckle sandwich if that had happened!
  19. thats bull$hite man, did you take your gloves, helmet etc off before trying to get fuel?

    only time I've had that tried on I was in the cage and went in to let them know the pump wasn't working, they said they knew and that it was pre-pay, oh ok i go "I'm paying by credit card"..... then they say.... "just leave your credit card here while you fill up, then come back in"...... lol.... NOT bloody likely!!! never ventured back there again.....
  20. I just would have put my helmet and gloves back on,

    dropped the pump on the ground and gone to the next servo.

    "F##K EM"