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i knew i worked too hard

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. hjoooo bashtardz. workin my but off here posting shit on this forum. Sure there is some "work" I could be doing but what is work really?
    Webster defines it as a physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something.

    hrmm yes..... something ..... indeed
  2. my minions of darkness are working to dethrone vic, does that count?
  3. Man I just WISH I was doing the "average" of 38.6 hours a week!
    Don't think too many full timers are getting away with doing that.
  4. Strangely enough I work 38 hours a week, I'm actually meant to work 40 but nobody seems to care :p

    Damn I miss working at 35 hour week in England :cry:

    So who wants to vote on a 4 day week week to boost productivity and lower heath costs?
  5. I'd rather go hard for 4 days (work 36 hours a week) and have three day weekends. 8) Maybe that can be part of our election platform :D
  6. Production workers at Meadow Lea used to work 3x12hr shifts and get 4 days off. Metropolitan ambos do 48hr weeks over 4 days (two 10hr shifts, two 14hr shifts)

    I would much prefer a hard slog over a couple of days and then get more quality time to do what I like. Being an insomniac helps.
  7. I have just sold my business where I was doing 50 - 60 hour weeks and am now in a position where I do 40 - 45 hours a week and I feel sooo refreshed for it. 8) . I do think the option of only two weeks holiday is good as long as it is a choice and no pressure is applied to only have 2 weeks. An extra grand or more a year instead of leave could be very helpful for people in debt and may actually reduce personal stress if it is clearing debt or paying bills. Especially considering that a second job which is taxed at 42% may not be necessary to make ends meet. I know I would be up for it to get the bike paid off.
  8. when I was in high school I used to do the production job thing, but at pfizer same hours as meadow lea though 3x12hour shifts anything you work after that is time and a half
  9. like i said, nova for pm!
  10. No pressure to cash in holidays? You're kidding aren't you. Ive been forced to cash in mine for years (under threat of dismissal). And not just two weeks, more often the whole lot. In one case I didn't even get the money.
    (Yes, told then to go f#*^ themselves, got another job - same thing :evil: )
    Nah, sick to death of doing unpaid friggin' overtime, and sick to death of employers crying poor and driving around in $100K company cars, yet wanting to be treated like charities.
  11. I have now 10 weeks annual leave and i shall not be trading them in . As for the hardest workers in the western world , make me wonder with the amount of post's on here during working hours :p :wink:
  12. Yeah the last company i worked for was a notional Internet and Computer supplier, yet we got paid below min wage and had very unrealistic rosters to live by. Absolute BS. Not that i thinks its ok but I reckon with going postal is gonna take off in Oz within the next few years i swear.
  13. In the army I used to work what was called a seven-day fortnight. I worked 14 hour days, but I worked Monday & Tuesday, had Wednesday and Thursday off, worked Fri-Sat-Sun, had Monday & Tuesday off, worked Wednesday and Thursday and then had Fri-Sat-Sun off. Every second weekend was a long work weekend, but every second weekend was a long weekend off!
  14. I hear all these horror stories, but my experience in recent years in working since 1990 in non-unionised companies has been exactly the opposite. My work has been valued, I have not been paid huge sums, but enough, and I have never had any employer try and fiddle with my leave or award entitlements.
  15. "going postal" :LOL: :LOL:
    Yeah, It's amazing the harm you can do with them big rubber bands :p
    (used to work for Aussie Post).
  16. So, who reckons they're on a good wicket? What industries do people think treat their staff well?
  17. I am happy with my work situation. I get paid well for the work that I do and the staff that I work with appreciate my efforts. I go to work each day looking forward to the day and if, rarely, I have a bad day, I can ensure that it doesn't happen ever again.

    I go home each day feeling I have achieved something worthwhile and have done far more than just shuffle papers.

    People I have worked with often come up to me in the street and say they remember me and look back on the work we did together with satisfaction and enjoyment.

    I am treated as a professional and enjoy great relations with my work colleagues.

    Most importantly, the work that I do each day has a direct effect upon the people I work with.

    I am a casual relief school teacher.
  18. your a teacher?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? i bet your one of those grumpy nazi dudes that the kids fear? hahahahaha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    that would be an awesome job going to skool and watching kids tremble in front of me mwhahahaha :twisted: :twisted: although kids these days would probably just stab me :?
  19. don't know what its like down there but we don't have a place in brisbane called the bronx