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I knew all along

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. My brother came off his bike. His bike is unridable, he is okay. Few scratches and bruises, nothing broken.

    He said "i was driving behind this porche and it stopped really suddenly"...

    He's not the brightest of people.

  2. u had a funny feeling, or u knew as soon as he contacted u or something?

    glad he is ok :) bike can be repaired, and chicks dig scars.

    hope to god he's insured, since im guessing he nailed the porche :?
  3. ah, i remember your thread where you mentioned your bro getting into bikes and that it was only a matter of time.

    you think he will learn from this incident?
  4. He has been riding for less than a month and this happens. He is just off in his fantasy land. It was only a matter of time before he came off.

    I think he still wants to ride, but when it happens again, I think he'll revert back to his car that is currently for sale but not selling because it's crap lol.

    Sorry Nibor, I don't respect my brother.

    I don't have that sisterly thing...
  5. ahh k.
    hmmm, i spose everyone needs to crash, in a sense. well, us young people, anyway. especially the boys.

    when i went down, it knocked me down a couple of pegs. makes u realise ur not infallible. which is a good thing. the second crash helped re-inforce this :LOL:

    speeding fines also help keep the hooliganism/needless speeding unter control :cry:

    can i ask why u dont think your bro should be riding? he is just doing it coz u ride, or he's just unsensible and unsafe?

  6. you were on a HIGHER peg than what you're on now previously?!?!?!?! :shock:

    do a search of lowercase's posts mate look up the thread
  7. I remember the thread you posted about how you didnt want your brother riding "because it was your thing". Sure he has a crash, have a look around, im sure you will find many posts that report crashes from learners, some have 2 in one day. It sickens me you seem to be proud that what you predicted came true. I have no idea of your history, or what has happened between you 2, but your attitude is disgusting. [-X
  8. He'll probably start tailgating cheaper cars ??? :p
    Seriously, I hope he DOES learn his lesson.
  9. I'm getting that same impression too...

    Where I come from, family is family. Nothing my brother/sister could do would ever stop me from loving them and caring for them.
    My brother just got his L's last week, and I'm so proud of him :)
  10. Lol, everyone has occasions when they're unnecessarily petty/jealous/childish. Mostly, we just don't make those feelings known to a public forum, it would get embarrassing. :LOL:
  11. Surely she doesn't really mean him any harm back me up lowercase!

    I'm glad he's OK, hopefully he'll start being a bit more careful :)
  12. Will it cost him plenty, to fix the car?
  13. Go and find her original post about the subject. The intentions are quite clear.
  14. I read it ages ago... I was just trying to help her out.
  15. Im sure the post is about his/her brother having an accident because of a thoughtless action not asking people to judge her family.

    Try to stay on topic

    My 2c :twisted:
  16. Nup she obviously can't stand her brother and is gloating at his accident. Shit if I had a sister like her I would disown her. biatch IMO. :evil:
  17. +1
  18. ban unloving sisters :evil:
  19. I'm just glad it wasn't a truck or a tradies ute with wood or pipes hanging off the back other wise this could've been another "rider down" post :(
    Maybe telling him this will get the lesson across a bit better?
  20. If she doesn't like her brother, then thats her call. He may have sexually abused her , for all that any of you know. Back off out of it.