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I kissed David Hasselhoff today!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pobblebonk, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Yep! I got to kiss David Hasselhoff today at Main Beach on the Gold Coast!

    Here he is signing my already signed poster of him [another signature!]

    And here's the kiss
  2. he didnt throw up his hamburger on you did he:eek:
  3. Outstanding Pobblebonk, is that ALL that happened between you and the Hoff?
  4. Gotta love the Hoff.
    Main reason i love the Hoff is Knight Rider comes on and is a good sign its time to leave work early in the morning :p.
  5. what is it with chicks and the "Hoff" I had an ex who got a thrill from doing the same thing
  6. Hell moto, I'd give him a smooch - the Hoff is AWESOME.
  7. yeah he does have that je ne sais quoi i will admit that
  8. He was sober enough to stand up and walk without the aid of an assistant, I am amazed.
  9. What no tounge?
  10. Where's your left hand in this one and why is he gasping as if someone's holding him by the goolies?
  11. Lucky bugger!!

    Edit: WAIT! Not you!! I mean him!! lol
  12. LOL. Did you notice the security guard's hand on my arm?

    Haha I wasn't grabbing his bits. Although... that's not to say that I wouldn't have if given more time! LOL
  13. Sadly, the reality is not as exciting as the fantasies! In my dreams, we've been naughty, naughty people.

    The security guards put me off from wanting to jump up and straddle him.

  14. *shrugs* i had to google who he was. heard the name before, but didn't know who he was, just heard people mention it before ie, "the hoff" or his full name. don't recognise him exactly nor seen much of his stuff - never watched a full episode of baywatch, but i did watch click and dodgeball, however, still vague.
  15. you Heathen
  16. if the Hoff and Chuck Norris got into a fight ....

    who'd win?
  17. yeah, see, that too. heard of chuck norris, but don't know him. i'll have to google him also.
  18. Err if you really wanted to kiss the guy, wouldn't you have kept your eyes opened??
  19. I'm pretty sure a new universe would be created on first impact wouldn't it? ;)
  20. wheres the kiss? im to busy looking at your jugs (y)