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I kept her up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. But I think I stained my underpants a bit.

    I was cruising back to home from work about an hour ago and was going across the Coat Hanger when I see that there is traffic in the lane I was traveling so I put my indicator on and the car in the next lane just switched his lights on and off to give me way. I changed lanes and the next thing I know there is a car coming at a fair speed from the right most lane and change into my new lane without indicating and braked.

    I jumped on the brakes but I went a little bit to hard on the rear brake causing the rear tyre to lock and off we went fishtailing like a happy tuna.

    I was getting close to the car and trying to control the bike while also thinking I´m going down but then also thought: No way I´m going to scratch my baby because of this dick head so I went harder on the front brake and started to move around the handle bar to control the fishtailing.

    And I did it. I managed to stop the bike with at least a meter to spare and with the rubber down.

    A couple of things that came to my mind when this happened:

    -If you are upright and lock the rear it is better to ride it instead of letting it go as the tyre gaining traction can make the bike move violently and kick you out. I eased a bit on the brake but the bike actually wanted to throw me so I put the foot down.

    -Even when scared try to concentrate in the issue and trust your bike. Don´t let the situation to take over.

    Kudos to the person in the car behind me that after everything happened flicked his lights and with his hands asked if I was all right.

    Now I´m off to change my underwear.

  2. well done will, lets all hope we see alot more stories like this
  3. Good to hear Will.

    I had a nasty scare with 2 cars dragging each other trhough traffic at 130+ in a 60 zone this morning.

    Came within about 4 inches of a nasty experience. It's never much fun.

    Take care out there.....

    and tell your mum she is wrong - dont worry about clean underwear, because if the day you really need them they WONT be clean any longer...
  4. There was a bit of smoke but I'm not sure if it came from my tyres, my brakes or my arse!!!!


  5. where in the hell were those 2 cars draggin TRiX?? thats insanne!!!

    well done munecito! glad to hear you kept yoru baby upright through all that! and good on you to look at it afterwards to see how it all went too. i thin ka few of us get all caught up in the close calls and forget to look at the situation afterwards. ( i do anyway)
  6. I had a similar thing happen to me...

    I was on princess hwy inbound into the city. I was behind this car and as we approched a intersection the lights turned yellow. As soon as it turned yellow the car slamed on the brakes. I can say that my tail kicked out 20-30 degrees from my line of travel. I also stalled the engine from locking the back wheel from me not pulling in the clutch in time. I was quite close to hitting the back end of car but I stopped in time... I did release the back brake before it got anyworse.
  7. Well done Will

    Nothing like emergency braking to keep the blood pumping - why I always try and do one each ride in different places
  8. TRiX - bet there was a whole lot of swearing goin on under your helmet then!
    didn't think there was enough road space for a car to get to that speed around there :p silly gits
  9. Oh yeah that is right. I didn't even stalled the bike, down shifted until second gear and then the clutch went in.

  10. Way to go Munecito! (hey we can make that a chant! lol)

    Bugger that you had to have a brown pants moment - hopefully that's the quota for the year.

    Not to take away from your save, which you should be patted on the back for, but a lesser rider fishtailing with a locked rear would have probably gone down. Have a read of this: http://www.msgroup.org/TIP100.html

    Basically it's better to keep the rear spinning - which just highlights how big a save yours was today.

    Well done on the save!
  11. good stuff Will. Better to stop in a blaze of glory than not at all :LOL:

    Come to show and tell (with ya undies of course!!) at the proposed Sydney Northen Beaches Netriders coffee night next wednesday night (see EOI in ride planner)

  12. I work on Wednesday from 11 in the morning to 10:30pm so I don´t think I can make it :mad: :evil:

    Yeah I know I should have kept the rear spinning but I just jumped on the brakes without thinking and it locked when the front started to compress. So there I learned that I went to hard on the rear and had to do the most of what I had.

  13. Nice work! I dread the bridge myself - someone who hated motorcycles designed it. Where else can you ride in near bumper to bumper traffic, yet at speed, where 90% of people need to make at least one change and alot of people needing to make a few and another group of people having no idea where they are going... And where everyone is on their way home on the way back... Combine that with peak hour, wind, rain and dark, it can be pretty hairy..
  14. I can't think of anywhere around Chermside where 130km/h could be reached without coming unstuck. I hope it wasn't on Gympie Rd.
  15. munecito, much better to have a acco in your pants then with the bike.

    I'd much rather an uncomfortatble smile due to warm, squishy underwear, then a bent bike anyday.
  16. Exactly what I thought. And it was rather cold last night so maybe it was nicer to have something warm inside the pants.


  17. :?: you can go 130 easily on most 60 roads, plenty of them in chermside