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I Keep Losing Rego Stickers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ametha elf, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. In the last 7 months my bike has "lost" 3 rego stickers. They are in a metal holder, attached below the numberplate. I make sure the bolts are tightened securely but even after a short local ride, thats enough for the bolts to loosen. We've put supa-glu on the bolt which made the holder nice and tight, only to have the rego label snap off during a ride. Put another label on this week and already have gone the supa-glu route because it too has vibrated really loose. Theres no where on the left hand rear to attach it to. I've thought about attaching it to my windshield because at least I can keep an eye on it there and its unlikely to snap off, but DMR said that is illegal and the only place is on the rear of the bike. Has anyone else had this problem? My bike doesnt rumble and vibrate THAT much to cause this to happen, and we are at our wits end knowing what to do if this current 3rd label comes off.

  2. I lost one as well - in fact the rego label snapped off and I wasn't aware till I was pulled over for an RBT. Fortunately I wasn't fined for it.

    I did put the new one on the windscreen which as you say meant that I could keep an eye on it - had no idea that this may not be legal though.

    I've notice a lot of people have them attached to other parts of the bike that are not as affected by the vibration of the bike - perhaps see where else it can be attached
  3. Id suggest instead of super glue use a nylon thread nut and also some loctite. Wont have any chance of workin it's way out by itself then.
  4. Rather than a rigid connection, try a cable-tie or something. That might help to absorb some of the shakes.
  5. When I first got the bike it came with one of those tubes. Stolen. I replaced it, stolen again.

    So I just got a normal one. Stolen (I know this because the bolt was missing but the zip tie was on the ground under the bike.)

    Presently my rego holder is liquid nailed to my chain guard. The gauntlet has been thrown, you ****ers.
  6. +1 to the nylon thread lock nut.

    One year plus going strong.
  7. Who the hell steals rego stickers? Plates, I can understand, but stickers?
  8. Who messes with another mans automobile, period? Or someone elses stuff.

    Don't touch it if it isnt yours, and then we will all get along.
  9. My tube is double bolted to my rego plate which in turn has my L plate zip tied to it. Doesnt seem to be working loose.

    Loctite and nylon nuts will hold it.
  10. I saw something "innovative", recently. A fellow at work laminated his rego sticker, punched two holes in it then cable tied it to the bike.

    That should be a lasting solution.
  11. I keep mine under my seat - it's not legal but I've never been questioned about it.
    Just keep all the mounting stuff with it so if they give you grief, you can affix it right there and then.
  12. Cable ties hold mine securely.
  13. mine's just through a spool bolt on the swingarm, no loctite or anything and never had an issue
  14. mines bolted to the chain guard on the swingarm, using the factory bolt which is loctited with light duty loctite...
    i replace the plastic holder every year the rego is up..
  15. I just keep mine in an ell cheapo holder, and then keep that in my jacket or tank bag. Never had a problem with all the times I've been pulled over either.
  16. You can use contact to wrap it around the fork
  17. Bolt it to the chain guard with a squishy rubber washer between the holder and the guard.
  18. Thanks everyone, lots of great suggestions, hopefully this time its going to stay put, but I'm ok now if it happens again. I had an identical bike before this one and didn't have any trouble with the rego label, dont know why this bike would be any different.
  19. ive taken the cable tie root as well lol
  20. +1 :cool:

    how i see it, i pay rego, there's a rego label on the bike (under the pillion seat), so what's the problem? sure it's not 100% legal, but the same could be said for a lot of mods people do to their bike.