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I just want to say Thank you

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. On the cusp of my helmets hitting the market after nearly an 8 month slog fest I just want to say thank you to netrider and members

    I have learned a lot from people here about bikes and riding and I have been a member less than 12 months

    I have also received a lot of good ideas and suggestions and honest feedback for my fledgling business.

    I have also received a lot of support by means of netrider members supporting my business

    many in my own family said I was crazy when i started with the jeans and comments were made like " who the hell would want to buy something like that " - mind you they are non rider motorcylephobic immigrants and eternal pessimists complaining about how the price of cabbages ( damn slavics and their cabbage fetish ) has skyrocketed since the late 1960's when they arrived in Australia

    I will continue to try to give back to netrider in ways that I can in respect to giveaways discounts etc of my gear sponsorships and the like

    Thank you all
  2. Good work. Good luck with the future of the business in its next phase. Pity about the cabbages. :D
  3. cabbage helmets ?
  4. The mans a visionary. :applause:
  5. Mmmm cabbage.
  6. want to know more about these helmets
  7. Just get a distributor in Sydney and we can still be friends :D
  8. well there is an opening in Sydney PAnza --- think it over :)
  9. Actually as the stores are a little hesitant to look at a new item to market I may have to do things slightly differently

    If any one is interested in doing an agency agreement ( no set up or cost to you ) send me a pm
  10. Good to hear that your helmets are almost done.

    With your soon to be released cabbage helmets, with the prices vary depending on the growing season?
  11. I hate you Geeth your a smart arse :) ( actually I dont hate you at all and being a smart arse is better than being a dumb arse :beer::beer:)
  12. Copyright infringement fine = 1 helmet :cheeky:
  13. The cabbage ones ? -- make good soup if they are a bad fit I guess
  14. Hmmm sarma, kiseli kupus, get that up yas
  15. :rofl:

    When I need a new set of sliding pants I'm giving you a call and man I really want one of these cabbage helmets! They sound like quite the delicacy! :LOL:
  16. It'd want to be beguking good soup for $650. For that it'd have to get out of the bowl and give me the best blow job of my life. Mind you I wouldn't want to eat it after that.
  17. I know a bloke who did unspeakable things to a cabbage.
  18. Whilst a cabbage may be a vegetable, not all vegetables are cabbages.
  19. cabbage might have better impact properties. I think we need to look at this.
  20. ask and you shall receive