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I just sold my baby :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by screwball, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Hey there guys

    Why didn't anyone ever tell me it's so sad to watch someone ride off on your bike.

    I loved her so!

    Anyway, I'm not buying another bike just yet anymore due to my run in with the police. I'll buy one when I can afford a track day or two.

    Anyway, please post your sympathies below, it hurts so much :(
  2. I have no sympathy for people who sell babies.

    OHH your bike, lets all pray.
  3. well... sold your bike.... temporarily without a license.....

    Look on the bright side... you can't get done for DUI if you don't have transport... go get drunk and drown your sorrows :wink:
  4. The best thing is you can always breed another, and get the baby bonus too....
  5. there there, stump knows how you feel. it hurts more than selling your right foot to maxwell smart
  6. its ok... its going to be ok... so you sold your baby to another leaner. Its not like they have no idea what their doing, especially changing gears... cornering.. braking oh....


    so you have good memories right?
  7. i dont sell mine, i retire them :LOL:

    ask my wife, she looks at me like this :mad: because its true
  8. You poor bugger, I feel for you - I was more than a month between selling my beloved VTR (to Sillygit - great bloke, that helped a lot in letting her go) and getting the CBR.

    I rode the bike over to the buyer's place to sell it and it was great to have a final blat, ahh I really missed that bike for the month I was bikeless.

    Now I get a bit nostalgic when I see a blue VTR, but my CBR gives me a much bigger horn!
  9. 'tis a very emotional moment - i sold my little one (zx2r) last week and had to take a few last snaps of me looking downcast saying a prayer for her future before i dropped it off to the new owner (see photo below)

    My lady suggested a few nudie snaps of her on it as well :shock: - ummm not sure if new owner is still reading this forum so my response to her will have to remain a secret... :wink:

    Ahh sooo many memories!