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I just rode my bike and didn't die !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by N02Oct, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Thanks to all the posts, tips, information, do's, dont's etc on this site I just rode my brand new bike for about an hour without killing myself!
    I also managed to kit myself out with a great helmet, boots, gloves, kevlar jeans and a jacket (again thanks in part to the info on here).
    It was nerve racking and a little tricky (good old weekend drivers!) but I managed to get myself to a car park and practice slow riding and breaking.
    Stalled one on the way home, had to pull a hill start, went through my first few roundabouts and got honked at by my first in-patient driver.
    But I live to ride another day!
    Thanks again Netrider folk.

  2. Now just to do it another 100000 times more.

    It doesnt get less exciting the bike btw. I still get excited as your post many years later. I do remember my first rides though very clearly.
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  3. Yay!! Well done you, isn't it a great feeling?

  4. Awsome mate! What bike do you have?
  5. Hope you didn't break too much.
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  6. let me change this

    "I just live to ride" :p

    Well done and keep practicing.
  7. In-patient driver ? Did you stop and bash him ?
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  8. Didn't die!

    Fist pump moment! :woot:
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  9. Well done & vertical c is right its doesnt get any less excitingso do you ride a real bike a cruiser or one of those flashy go fast look great nakeds
  10. Hey, nice work.. I still clearly remember my first few rides too. It sounds like the bug is about to bite (or has bitten!)..

    The great thing about all of this is that you've still a hell of a lot to look forward to. For example, there'll be the first ride at freeway speed. The first group ride. The first ride through the twisty bits. The first trip away. The upgrade bike. The fun. The friends. The freedom. It's all there for the taking.. And the good news is that it doesn't get any less awesome.

    Just take it all at your own pace, and enjoy :)
  11. Yep...spell check! I meant braking...
  12. CBR250R, would love a naked bike though.
  13. I love the naked look... for bikes i mean. Sat on a Kwaka ER-6n Saturday - looks like that's the go for my next bike.. just gotta get up the nerve for a test ride (y)
  14. N02, this is not asked to stifle your enthusiasm, welcome aboard by all means, but why on god's earth did you think you were going to die?
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  15. He must have been doing 68 in a 60 zone
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  16. Or maybe he was worried about the motorcycle zapping aliens..
  17. Just rip the farings off then :D
  18. Some jokes need to go to joke heaven :p
  19. Enjoy. As Gundy says, you will remember the first rides. Hell, I can still feel the thrill of the first time I kicked the Bantam down from top to second to power past a car in my first ever overtake....and that was 49 years ago!
    Hey, remember to take a few pics of you on the bike so that you can show the future Grandkids!
  20. Never !! Haha