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I just honked at some pedestrians

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. About 5 of them crossing a busy road, just after a corner and no where near a ped crossing, decide to stop crossing and stand in my lane without moving.

    I hit the horn and was about to give them an extra blast of the exhaust as I swerved around them. Then I saw it.

    2 of them were elderly nuns.

    I'm going to hell.
  2. Nuns are people too :p

  3. Riding a Ducati (made in Italy) automatically cancels out near misses with Roman Catholic nuns; you're safe. Just don't go buzzing young Mormons on pushies :LOL:
  4. My dog likes Mormons, but he can't manage a whole one......
  5. Nuns are strange. Take a group of women, put them all living in the one place, then take away men, sex and fashion. It's a recipe for disatser!
  6. thats why i've got 2 dogs :D
  7. :LOL:

    I love it.
  8. Speaking as a middle aged guy with a woman and 2 teenage girls who haven't had the 'fashion' taken away...

    please please take it away!

    "I haven't got anything to wear"

    "What about this stuff in the wardroge... or these in this dresser... or those in that dresser?"

    <insert answer why none of that is suitable of your choice and take away 2 sensitive male partner points> :roll:
  9. ...OR ON THE FLOOR (26 year old daughter, living at home) :p
  10. Errkk 26!

    Thinks of 16 year old... that's ten more years of 'fashion' and yes 'on the floor' as well :shock:
  11. at least you dont get the "does my arse look big in these pants" line and suffer any repercussions for the answer :D

    foamy has a all male out look on this

    follow the link and press on the one that says "bra bashing"
  12. Geez guys , they are females (or even boys), be firm i say :wink: :p This is lesson 101 for parenting. :LOL:
  13. These words will come back to haunt you midnight
  14. Ah, out of the mouths of babies.....