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I just have to get this off my chest....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tilduke, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. I PASSED !!!!!!!

    Ok, so hardly of you actually know me but I took the level two ridersafe course today. I was really worried this morning because it had been absolutly pouring down all night and just as I was leaving it started to hail aswell. I was like "Ohh great". I got down there and it was still raining but luckily it cleared up while we signed our life away on forms inside.

    So anyway, enough of that boring stuff. I passed with 0, yes zero penalty points, I was overjoyed. I was so nervous during the test and needed to take a piss bad but I cruised through with no errors.

    Now I just need to wait till tommorow to burn my L plates :evil:

  2. Hey, congrats on passing :dance: Nicely done with the zero penalties. I'll be going for my Ps in the next month or so....
  3. congrats :)
  4. :woot:

    good stuff

    its also good to see the days are gone where compitent riders were selected via the live or die method, i'm all for pre-road training and level 2 training etc.

    happy L-burning :grin:
  5. Well congratulations!
  6. Congratulations KDE!

    Ride Safe

  7. Congrats!
  8. ditto here, great to see a high standard of testing and good results meaning more confident riders
  9. Congratulations, was that at the new St Agnes ground?
  10. :woot:

    Well done!
  11. Not bad not bad. I passed mine on Saturday (Level 2 that is) except I got 5 points for putting my foot on the ground grrr! I don't see it as a problem tho so it is okay :LOL: Congrats
  12. Awesome results. Congratulations Kde and Sketchie \:D/
  13. Nah, the good ol' oaklands park one. :p

    Congrats sketchie :grin:

    Thanks everyone who posted :cool:
  14. Congratulations kde!!!

    Have a safe one the roads!

  15. congrats, i did mine at St Agnes one as well. A great bunch of Instructors, that was a few yrs ago now.
  16. Congtrats kde
  17. Congrat kde well done. Ride hard.
  18. congrats fellas!

    ill be booking in soon!

    woudl love to remove the L plate...