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I just have a lot of questions!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Awesomedude, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Giddy everyone, I was looking for information cuz I'm gonna get my L's pretty soon so I ended up here. I'm 21 and I'm from Vietnam and as you know the main mean of transportation in Vietnam are bikes and scooters. I have been riding scooters and small bikes around 150cc like Honda SH 150 and Yamaha Exciter for about 5 years but I have never touched a sport bike more than 250cc. I have been staying in NSW for about 5 months and will be staying here for another 3,4 years for studying so I'm looking for a bike to go to school and meet with friends.
    Honestly, I dont know a shit about motorcycles, simply I just love their looks. Base on my experience riding scooters and small bikes, will it be ok for me to ride a sport bike? (e.g a Ninja 250, cuz I'm looking to buy one of these). I'm only 165cm height and 53kgs. Also, anyone knows any stores where I can buy accessories like helmets and jackets in Sydney? Since buying online is not an option cuz I cant actually try them on.
    This is all I can think about right now and eventually I will have more Q's :p. Thanks for reading. :)

  2. why? :( As your answer doesnt really answer my questions, I dont really know what u're saying here. Are u trying to say that I'm not good enough to ride a bike?
  3. Blabber's back ...

    Welcome to NR, dude. Nice to have you along. Pay no attention to BLABBUS.

    A bike is a bike - they're all pretty similar. A bigger one feels a little different, but the basics don't change. If you can cope with traffic and conditions in the old country, for years, then I suspect you can ride just fine.

    There is a mountain of information on this site to help make you a better and more knowledgeable rider. In particular, the threads in this section are very useful. I know you have some experience and that you're not a beginner, but you did say you don't know much about it, so, this would be a good place to to start looking.


    Once again, nice to have you here. BLABBUS is a troll - upsetting people is his idea of funny. Sometimes it is kind of funny, but not to the person he's picking on.
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  4. thanks a lot kneedragon. U made me feel much better. Anyways, do you know anwhere that sell good accessories for a low price?
  5. Depends on where you are. Around Brisbane, Moss Street at Slacks Creek is worth a look. There are a number of bike and bike accessory shops all together there.
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  6. best advice i can give you is to change your gender to female.
    then even BLABBER will love you long time.
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  7. I'm in Newtown area, pretty closed to Central. I tried to google for stores in this area but all I could find are online stores.
    You're funny, but seriously despite of knowing nothing technically about motorcycle, I really love them. I have enough money to buy a car but no, bikes are more awesome and people who ride bikes are awesome people, just like me lol (except Blabber!)
    FYI, before I came to Au, I had lived in America for 3 years, so will that do? And by looking at Blabber, I dont think being troll is fun so I dont waste my time doing that neither.
  8. Action motorcycles is in the city near Central. They sell Suzuki and Honda
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  9. Thanks for your information, but I was asking about accessories like helmets and boots. :p
  10. They have them. Also MCAS is just up the street next to the Macquarie Hotel, they have a full range of gear.
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  11. Considering that you're not that tall, perhaps a small cruiser would be good for you, something like a Suzuki GN250 Intruder or even a 650 Hyosung for example, not big bikes but have low seating and very comfy.
    For riding gear, you could go up to Parramatta by train from Newtown and theres a shitload of Bikeshops there in Church St on the Southside or you could take a trainride down to Liverpool to the big MCAS Motorcycle clothing store (can't remember what street it's on but it'd be only about 10 minute walk from the Station.


    Any bike shop in Sydney will have a decent range of gear as this is where they make the dollars, on gear and accessories.


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  12. That's great. Thanks a lot, I'll make sure to check them out.
  13. I'm thinking about a Ninja 250r, as they're small and have low seat and as many reviews rated it as 1 of the best leaner bikes so it would probably fit me.
    I will make sure to check out the stores soon. I'm planning on taking the pre-learner course next week so I have to buy those things pretty soon cuz they don't provide those at the course, am I right? Anyway, thanks for your information, it helps a lot. :)
  14. If my memory serves me correctly (often doesn't) the bare minimum is Jacket, Gloves and an approved Australian compliance helmet.
    Best to contect the riding school before you go and ask if theres any more things you need.
    Good luck with it all....and have fun
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  15. Holy Thread Continuity Batman!
    Do we not even get to see who's been naughty and had their posts deleted now?

    For what it's worth though, I believe you lived in the USA since you keep calling yourself awesome.

    +1 for MCAS - a good range to be tried on...
  16. At your pre-learner course, they supply you with a helmet and gloves for the duration of the course (and a bike). They ask you to bring a reasonably sturdy jacket and long pants - neither have to be proper motorcycle ones though, you just can't have skin visible, so no short sleeves.

    Legally, all you need to ride on the road is an approved helmet (edit: and some clothes :p) My advice is not just to go with the minimum though, especially as a learner.
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  17. what's wrong to lived in USA and call myself awesome? I was just trying to make some jokes, no offence but making jokes is a good way to communicate with people but some of you took it so seriously. Maybe I'm not as awesome as some of you guys because I'm new to this but I'm confident in myself and I have the courage to learn and try my best. So in my term, that enough to make me awesome!
  18. You are right dude.

    Motorbikes are ****ing awesome.

    People who ride motorbikes are ****ing awesome.

    Everything to do with them is ****ing awesome.

    Yup go to MCAS, they pretty much are the best in the CBD.

    Good luck.
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  19. Now that sounds likeAWESOME advice!
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  20. the kid has ninja written all over him
    just has to be, kawasaki ninja 2fiddy.
    i am just in awe of this thread, it's so awesome