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I just had to lay two people off, and I didn't like it...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by incitatus, May 2, 2007.

  1. Ok, this is just a vent, but I need to get it off my chest. My 'other' job involves being appointed director of companies that are in difficulty, and trying to save them from administration of liquidation. Well today I had to give up on one, it was just too far gone, due to some of the worst mis-management I have ever encountered. The previous board did nothing illegal, but were in my opinion morally bankrupt. They stripped the company of its assets by incompetence, lost the technical intellectual property through ignorance, and did very nicely for themselves throughout. I had been planning my action for some time, and have managed to find positions for most of the staff elsewhere in the group, but today I had to lay off two who I just couldn't place. They had done nothing wrong, in fact they had kept the company going in spite of the pathetic management, but I had no option. I feel sick about it, I am gutted, I hate this stuff....I wish was back being a full-time airplane driver...

  2. "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown....."
  3. Oh inci - I really feel for you...

    I am studying corporate governance at the moment - and dealing with the importance of the integrity of management in successful companies - rather than those who see the company's assets as a honey pot for personal use...

    I can only imagine how that must have felt - but you have to try and remember that you didnt make those two hard workers redundant - you had to make their positions redundant - viewing it in that light might make it easier for you... you tried - that is all you could do... If they are hard workers and had skills and added value to the organisation, someone else will recognise that...
  4. Only time can tell whether getting laid off will be good or bad luck for these guys. Retrenchment gives you a package that quitting doesn't, if these guys are on their toes they'll be in another job after a short holiday and with the balance in their pockets.
  5. Very unpleasant for you, but I think you're being too hard on yourself.

    The fault for this isn't yours, it's the former managers'. I'm sure they're going to sleep quite soundly tonight - people like that tend to. :evil:
  6. The reason I won't put anyone on. I'm busy enough at the moment but couldn't stand the idea of laying someone off if things went quiet.
    I'm not a good capitalist......
  7. Re: I just had to lay two people off, and I didn't like it..

    Unfortunately for every Incactitus there are a dozen pricks out there who revell in ruining peoples' lives.

    As for driving 'planes, I could think of worse jobs....
  8. Re: I just had to lay two people off, and I didn't like it..

    So could I, but commercial flying is not a job that is good for relationships. It has contributed to the failures of two marriages, and I am going to let nothing on Gods earth get between me and my gorgeous wife this time around. I get to fly at least three mornings a week, instructing and doing type conversions onto unusual aircraft. I get to go overseas every now and then on flying jobs like Mongolia and Sweden last year, but generally there is no money in it, so I have to do other things to make a living. The only other skill I have is crisis management, due to my military background, and with that I make a decent crust, but in job satisfaction terms.....it's crap....pure crap... :(
  9. Inc that sucks mate, I have had to sack a couple of people over the years and even though they got sacked for not performing it didn't make it any easier. So mate what you have been through sucks but look on the bright side, you ahve saved a lot of people their jobs by the sound of it! :grin:
  10. At least you can give them a glowing reference! I'm a firm believer that when one door closes another one opens! I missed out on a good job 15k from home only to win the perfect job 33k from home.
  11. ur flying more than I am! I'm going for a spin in 2 weeks though got about 7 or 8 mates that want to see melb from the air :)
  12. Oh well... Having to fire the odd person whilst earning good dollars is better than being away from your wife all year. You said it yourself.

    If there good at what they do theyll find another job without too many dramas... I certainly wouldnt be stressing about it.

    I wish i had the power to fire people :(
  13. i've laid more than 2 people that were off if it's any consolation
  14. Keep their numbers.

    Maybe the next company you fix up will need a couple of decent workers ^_^
  15. You saved a company by laying off two.

    And if that doesn't make you feel better i'm sure the two being good employees will find other suitable, perhaps even better positions. Working in a poorly run company/institution sux!
  16. Inci ol boy, what a pr1ck of a job.

    Sorry you have to do the dirty work, but I'm glad you actually care enough to be upset about it.

    Sadly, in your job, the fact you care may end up making you sick (stress etc), while the pricks who cause the issue will become directors of another company, take advantage of laws like little johnnies IR crap and do the same again.

    Take solace in the fact that you found work for the majority, you did everything you could for everyone. Like others have said, give them a glowing reference, keep their contact details in case something comes up.

    Any chance of writing a report or summary to some feral gumnt organisation that makes it clear what you think of the directors fitness to hold down such a position in the future? ACCC? Securities commission?

  17. I have taken legal advice on just that very question, and no I can't. These people were either simply monumentally incompetent, or clever enough to make it seem that way, (I suspect the latter), and unfortunately incompetence without illegality is no disqualification. They were the only shareholders as well, if there had been any minority shareholders I would have had another set of options to pursue them, but there were just the two of them who owned the company 50/50.
  18. well mate, you've done all you can, obviously tried hard to cover all options, and for that you're one definately of the good guys.

    I hope the two who lost their jobs appreciate the effort (although that will be small comfort to them), and they get work soon, I also hope that the two directors get what they deserve in the end.

    Hope you feel better "getting it off your chest".... now go and ride your "bright-red, hunch-back, warp-speed 900cc cafe-racer" to help you relax a bit :wink:
  19. :rofl:

    the what? integrity of management? :rofl:

    With VERY few exceptions there is none! :p
  20. *stands in the VERY few que* :p

    Incitas In 25 years here I've only ever had to fire 2 people, 1 because they were stealing from the company and 1 because (despite never ending meetings with them, counselers etc etc) they simply refused to do the job they were employed for.

    I found both of those really really hard, I can't imagine how hard it would be to fire someone who's actually doing a good job :(