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I just had to do it...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fastkid, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Tell this guy off that is!

    Im on beach road today as you do and pull up to a set of lights. This guy rocks up on this shiny jap cruiser with some child on the back (approx 6-7 years old) both wearing absolutely no gear besides a helmet.

    Im sorry but i dont care who you think you are but put at least a jacket and gloves on that girl!

    "Mate at least do the girl a favour and put some gear on her, that would make me feel a whole lot better" were my exact words.

    "Ok, sorry" was the response. People are FARRRKED i tells ya!
  2. hey i was going to head out that way but I got a massive headache...

    anyways...yeah I noticed a rider today who had a kid in the back with a helmet and gloves on...at least he had gloves.

    Rider feels safe, but I guess they don't care about their passengers.

    phong =P~
  3. Funny that we'll buy capsules for babies, car seats for kids and always make sure they've got their seatbelts on, but then some people will put a kid on the back of a bike and just think, "Meh, the law only says they need a helmet."

    Yeah, the LAW might say that, but as a parent you're job is to protect your kids!

    I took one of my nephews for a ride up and down my street last weekend (I live in a cul-de-sac in a rural estate - ie: NO traffic) and we dressed him in Mrs Tree's leather jacket, helmet and gloves. If we'd had pants and boots that fit him, I would've had him in those, too.

    Good on you for saying something to the bloke. His response clearly shows that he knew he should have had her in more gear.
  4. Unfortunately good gear is expensive and having (or finding for that matter) a set small enough to fit a child thats only on the bike once a year if that isn't an attractive option. Thats not to say they shouldnt have protective clothing but that would certainly hinder a lot of people
  5. Mrs Tree and I were discussing this the other day, as we want to be able to take our kids with us, when we have 'em and they're old enough, of course.

    We're both gear Nazi's and are prepared to outlay the money. No kid's gear, no kid pillion. Period. It sends a shiver down my spine every time I see a kid pillion without it.
  6. So you still don't care who he thinks he is :wink:
  7. Isnt that why people but naked bikes ?? :?
  8. your gonna get some funny shaped sweat patches on those seats :shock:
  9. well our kids ride with us alot
    my kids are aged 11 and 10
    they wear Draggin Camos that the great guys at Draggin did for us
    they wear Dririder Aspin Jackets
    and Motorline boots
    and they have gloves that we bought for them from the UK from a company called Babybiker
    they are on the net
    all of these items are in their sizes
    ALSO for those looking for gear in Australia
    the lovely Brigitte now has kids stuff which is excellent quality

    our kids and us had lots of comments at the Bike Expo as they were dressed in all their gear.

  10. fark im 20 lol im no where near having kids (i hope :shock:), but there's no way i'd let mine ride with me if i didnt have gear for them. as cookeetree said, you have baby capsules for ur kids, u make sure theyre always in the seatbelt, so why on earth wouldnt you look after them on a bike? theyre alot more likely to be injured in the event of a crash eh.

    IMO if u want to spend money of a bike n have some fun, and ur pillioning kids, its ur responsibility to spend that bit more for them too.

    lol Toecutter, i'd still tell him off for doin it. idc who it is!
  11. kids gear

    I take my 10 and 8 year olds fairly often on my bike.more on my soon to be wifes bike.(vfr) very comfy for the kids.sometimes on the R1 and it really concerns me. the safety issue.! head to toe cover should be mandatory for anyone on a bike. it is very difficult to find pants mainly for kids.I usually put 2 pairs on em. all the other stuff has not been a problem to find. I think most of all we must take extra caution whenever we have someone on the back.especially kids.
  12. ya dam straight. :wink:
  13. coookeetree and nibor, great posts, great point!

    im going to add that to my safe roads proposal [tis getting big :shock: ]

    as for the photo, check out the fell up front, he looks like a chick :LOL:

    cheers :cool:

    'uze look lovely sweatheart, mu'
  14. im lucky all the gear for my wife fits on my little girl lol
    even boots :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Re: kids gear

    If I remember right using kids is the way they managed to legislate mandatory seatbelts in the UK. Plenty of people had arguments against why they shouldn't make it mandatory for adults - but as soon as they started playing the "protecting the children" angle it was easy to bring in laws making seatbelts mandatory for children. And of course once those were in laws for adults soon followed (though I think it's still okay for an adult in the backseat not to wear one there because of all the chauffeur driven lords).
    Same could easily happen here with bikes. Making riding gear compulsory would face opposition but there'd be few politicians game to try and block anything that prevents injury/death to children - and that creates a stepping stone to broader legislation. (Whether that's a good or bad thing is an issue that's already been done to death on here).
  16. My son and I recently got out of kart racing but the protective gear still comes in handy. If you go to any racing kart shop you will find a choice of proper fitting kids helmets at reasonable prices. You can get kid size gloves and other things too.