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I just had an L-plater try and race me.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. But it gets better, because he was on a CBR1100X :-s

    I came up next to him at a light, and said "Are you really on your learners?" "Yeh, I figure I can afford the ticket if I get caught over capacity, but if I don't display the L I get ****ed"

    "Fair enough"

    "Wanna race?"

  2. shoulda tried it... probably doesn't have experience with fast take offs / clutch slipping etc... he'd probably loop it...
  3. Wow. Tosser much?
  4. lolwut

    Did he look like he had half an idea of what he was doing?
  5. :rofl: Good point, but on St Kilda Road that'd be asking for handcuffs :angel:
  6. To his credit, he was wearing full gear at least =D>

    His takeoff from the light was… less than smooth.
  7. Heh. How amusing.

    Don't know what the cops down there are like but I doubt many members of the NSW police could spot an over capacity bike provided that its not badged and covered in race stickers.
  8. It'll all go tits up when they run the plate.
  9. was of course the LAMS approved super blackbird ;)
  10. That is assuming they knew anything about bikes?
  11. but a cbr1100xx is a big mofo. Not even the type of bike for a wannabe racer to get I'd have thought. Bloody nutter, I would have killed myself if I started on that. Then again, I'm young and impulsive.
    Somebody should follow him and videotape him. I'd watch that.
  12. bye bye nice shiny bike :)

    down the road... rider in tow... hello mister police officer whilst i'm sitting in the ambulance... no, that's not my bike... i came off a different bike... that has disappeared... a LEARNER LEGAL one... hmmm
  13. If they knew about bikes they wouldn't need to check the rego to know what it was.
  14. Exactly. So why does it all go 'tits up' if they run the plates?!
  15. Because then its obvious that they arent licensed to ride the bike that they are riding,so any cop'll pull them over.if they dont show the plates then although the penalty is larger, the chance of being pulled over is much lower... I was only pulled over once when I was restricted, and that was them just pulling over any bike that went past
  16. if you got pulled up on the blackbird speeding on your L's/not showing your L's/Bike not LAMS Listed, holy crap you would be in for some $$$
    The Copper would be like $_$
    Plus you wouldnt ever be allowed to ride in this lifetime lol
  17. would only be 6 points i spose. riding on a non lams bike is 3 and not showing plates is 3. if you then were speeding aswell you would be up for a minimum of 7 points which would sit you off the roads for like 5 months i think?
  18. Did they finally close that loophole? It used to be like a $121 fine and no points
  19. yeah closed it a little bit before i got my p's. just as i was sizing up a cheap 1998 zx6r. spuing lol. mate got hes license a few months before me and got a nice little gsxr600. i was stuck with a cbr125 haha
  20. Interesting. I got my CBR600 about 6 weeks before I got off of my Ps, but then again I'm close to 30 and was licensed in the US, so I made a judgment call that if I got pulled over and the cop REALLY wanted to be an ass, I'd accept the fine and call it life.