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i just googled my name and...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. wtf!?

    um, does anyone know how i can get my real name deleted from googles search result?


  2. post the links up :grin:
  3. hmmm...

    farking internet!

    oh, and no! :wink:
  4. The short answer is that you can't!

    I've had problems with Google being so nosy that it finds and catalogues sites that I am developing for clients, well before the site is completed and pubicised.

    I don't pretend to know how it works, but the jist of it is that if there's info online, it will log it and list it. The only way to head it off is to have the information unpublished. But that's not the easiest thing in the world!
  5. google will at least obey a robots.txt file. other search engines, maybe not...
  6. welcome to the NWO
    dont worry so much about you being on the internet.. unless youve got some mad p0rn pics up there in which case ill say.. hand them over.. otherwise youd be suprised at how easy all your other personal information can be VIOLATED for all the wrong reasons..
    this new government man.. ALEX JONES.. ENDGAME.. look for the documentary, it might be a little disturbing but mannnnn it makes me want to ride a motorcycle for freedoms sake
  7. True, but of no help if the owner of the "seen drunk in public place less clothes" photo site doesn't want to change their site!

  8. You can ask them...

    But in my experience they're slow.
  9. :shock: OMG!
    That'll teach you for having a nudie homepage WOO HOO!!!
    :p :p :p
    Guys .. check out www. ###########.com.au
  10. i seriously tried to scratch that bug of my screen.. Your avatar rocks!!!!
    If google can find your name, means that your name is up on the web in the first place..
  11. Look out! It's...


  12. my understanding is google jumps via links, so if you have uncompleted work on the internet, you must have a link from it somewhere, otherwise it doesn't know about it

    You can also tell google "hey i started a new website get your webcrawlers to check it" so perhaps your clients were getting in early
  13. If you are not on google you are a nobody... First rule of the interweb...
    Or is it that hot blonde you're chatting to is really a 40 year old man.... I'm not sure :grin: