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I just don't get some drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Donuts, May 5, 2010.

  1. Disclaimer: This is just a rant :angel:

    Coming along the Monash, the right lane is surprisingly empty (or at least, people are moving out before I catch up to them).

    Catch up to this one 4WD in the far right, there's another car in the 3rd lane that is a couple of car lengths behind (nobody is in any lane for the 500 metres or so). I sit behind the 4WD for a few seconds before giving him a quick flash and he moves over (so at least he has done better than most people so far)... but, as soon as I pass, without his left blinker even coming off, his right blinker is back on and he's back in the right hand lane maintaining the exact same speed as the other car ](*,).

    I can only assume it was his way of "sticking it" to me, because he could've been in ANY lane on the road and kept chugging along at 90 KM/h. I gave him a long 'wtf' shrug once he got in behind me, and he still didn't catch up with my hand off the throttle. WTF is with people sitting in the right (aka PASSING) lane when there is absolutely no traffic, and it would have taken far less effort to just keep crusinng in the empty left lane :-s. Drives me nuts [-(

  2. it's known as the 'retard effect' or 'auto-retard syndrome'.

    put any seemingly normal person behind the wheel of a car and it has a very real effect on their persona, transforming them into a complete ****ing retard.
  3. I had the misfortune to travel the Monash a couple of weeks ago with one of our female account managers, (she was driving) after rolling along in the right hand lane for a few kliks and doing the same thing as mentioned in the OP (moving left to let somebody pass and then pulling back into the right hand lane) I asked her why she traveled in the overtaking lane.

    Her answer:

    it's safer! In the left hand lane she is constantly having to slow down for exiting or merging traffic, she doesn't like the middle lanes because she doesn't like being surrounded by trucks, so she sticks to the right hand lane doing 100 - 105kph...

    When I told her it is technically illegal, she replied, I pay my f...ing rego like everybody else I drive where I like..

    Maybe I could convince her to do the next trip on my vehicle and I can show her why it's so phugging annoying.
  4. Sweet zombie Jesus, thats a hellava attitude your sister showed! When I'm in my car I simply cruise at the limit, or (when I'm driving a car with cruise control...ie not mine) set the cruise control to about 5 to 7 over the limit and keep in the overtaking lane. Either I pass everyone without incident, or move over once or twice for people doing faster than I am. Easy.

    I find that most people are alright with moving over once they see you coming, but the odd person just doesn't get it. The real thing that has me irritated is people doing stupidly slow speeds through nice dual-passage roads with limited overtaking.

    I say bring on the QLD rule that if you get 5 people behind you, you pull the f*** over and let them past. Don't want people passing? Then suck it up, princess, and step on it!

    - boingk
  5. Was he doing the speed limit or going slow?
  6. It's my personal pet hate. I usually just undertake them at a speed differential of around 50km/h while cursing loudly in my helmet.
  7. This is what happens when the focus on road safety moves solely to speed and hooning(fukn hate that word!)...I have lost count of how many times I have come up behind a car in the passing lane and they will not move over, many times I have followed people from Geelong to Melbourne and they sit in the RH lane the whole way.

    I think alot of these dickheads see themselves are the sherrifs deputies on the roads, anybody travelling faster than the limit is a reckless speeder who is gioing to kill people so they feel it's their civic duty to slow you down...if that means they sit in the RH lane holding up traffic for 100k's so be it.

    Of course people following get pissed off, they start to tailgate etc and it makes things a whole lote more dangerous...but as is drummed into all day by Dumby and his vic police cronies as long as your under the limit, not on your phone, not pissed or on drugs your care will never crash.

    IMO this is one of the worst culprits for impeding tradfic flow and frustrating motorists and it should be policed accordingly, too bad it's not as glamorous as speed!
  8. People have complexity issues here where they think fek I'm not going to move over let em undertake me.

    This is wrong and in other parts of the world undertaking is frowned upon dearly. The keep left unless overtaking rule unfortunately doesn't get policed as much as it should.
  9. There's no revenue in it.
  10. Absolutely nothing about car drivers surprises me. I expect anything, and generally never disappointed. Dont know how many of them actually get a licence in the first place.
  11. Why not, do you reckon?
    It's an infringement like any other.
  12. The penalty is substantially less and it's not as easy to enforce as a speeding offence as it involves actual police work, unlike greed cameras which frees up police to take down number plates of car/bikes with so called noisy exhausts and also allows them to hide in bushes in order to catch hoon riders in the hills.
  13. Why bother putting a sticky up regarding posting items in the right section, the replying to the thread Smee?

    Is this a rant/near miss thread?

    Isnt there a section for these types of posts?

    I'm confused

  14. There is no near miss here, just a general complaint about how drivers are selfish. It is a general discussion as it involves us as road users who are talking about this issue, but it did cross my mind where this thread should belong and I feel it probably belongs here.
  15. What an attitude?!

    So her standard MO is to keep an eye on the traffic behind and beside her and change lanes as required to let the faster cars immediately behind pass... :? And that is "safer"...? :?
  16. Alrighty Then.


  17. I'm going to play the devils advocate here...just to brighten everyones day.

    How can you guys be complaining about people sticking to the right lane and sitting on a set speed?

    Clearly you were'nt present during the brainwashing!

    Here's the message (shortened version)...Speed is the devil...responsible for EVERYTHING, and as you control that speed....YOU are therefore responsible for EVERYTHING...
    (remember that pedestrain add where the driver should've wiped off 5 and she would'nt have been injured?... no mention to pedestrians to "look to the left, look to the right, and then look to the left again" and not walk out in front of cars, was there!?

    The "Driver".... now so sh*t scared of being responsible for EVERTHING....is now also sh*t frightened to DO ANYTHING, other than gaze into their speedometer chanting "I am resposible for everything - speed is the devil - I must not speed" over and over again.

    Since that's what's required to be an outstanding driver, how can you possibly expect them to perform lesser road couertesies in addition to the already monumetal responsibility of "speed watching"??

    Ask Gumby or the local plod - Mr Magoo will soon be our national hero...and we as "drivers" should aspire to drive just as he did...under the speed limit, because speed is ALL that matters.

    On a serious note...they sh*t me to tears...
  18. I don't think it's enforced at all, I don't know of anyone that has been booked for it... Anyone?

    Keeping the right lane open should be common sense. Not so common.
  19. I wasn't sure where exactly it belonged either :).

    Best quote I've heard from a cage driver was driving my mothers friend somewhere - I stopped at a roundabout to give way to someone (keeping in mind I was a teenager at the time, so not grandpa style) and she asked "How come you stopped? I would've kept going... though, I am in the 4WD".

    Took all my might to bite my tongue ](*,)
  20. Think about what you wrote very very carefully
    I'll let you figure it out :)