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I just did something childish, and petty, and totally worth it.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by grue, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Some twatwaffle in a yuppy chariot pulled out in front of me on my way to the supermarket, had to drop the anchors to get stopped in time. I blast with the horn and do the "hey what the fck" hand gesture, and the guy just shrugs and carries on.

    So I filter past him at the next light right before turning into the market's lot, and he follows me into the parking lot, and starts looking for a spot. I noticed an absolutely beautiful spot right in front of the entrance to the store, and the guy (still behind me) signalled like he was going to turn into said spot, so instead of parking in my normal spot on the footpath, I popped into the spot. He pulls up behind me, and goes "HEY! That's a car spot!", and I said "Nobody who drives like you deserves a spot like this", and mirrored his earlier shrug :angel: Then I cheekily pointed at the security camera and said "Don't touch my bike, either", then walked past him and went inside to get my pizza ingredients :)

    I might have made an enemy, but it sure was fun!

    So, am I an asshole, or was my behaviour acceptable?
  2. Good work. Good work indeed!
  3. Totally hilarious! :D
  4. Thats gold mate, love your work!!! :LOL:
  5. Gold. I would have loved to have seen his face. :D

  6. cant bikes park in car spots in melb?
  7. Sure, we just never do :rofl:
  8. of course they can.
  9. To answer your question, Yes. But it's great being karma sometimes. Well done!
  10. Love it when Karma works out :)
  11. then what hide has he got to say its a car spot, what a knob
  12. Just hope he doesn't touch your bike once its out of cameras view
  13. 12345

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  14. yes and no.
    they need to be told and if we don't, no-one will.

    downside is, if you travel the same roads daily at the same times you often recognize the same vehicles...i've definately made a few enemies...some will now avoid me like the plague, others are probably out to run me of the road.

    i can't help myself, i use hand gestures a lot... mostly "hang up the ****ing phone" gesture ( thumb and pinkie to ear, then slam it down).. and also finger jabbing, shaking my fist, shaking my head, two fingers to my visor followed by finger jabbing (watch the road)...umm, i do the crazy circle finger followed by finger jabbing too.
    i've lost track of how many drivers i've talked to at the lights to tell them their indicators are'nt working. (nothing wrong with the indicators, something wrong with the driver)

    umm.., ok it's my fault i've made enemies... but i am thinking of all riders at the time if you know what i mean... like hopefully the recipient of my sign language might be more carefull around bikes in future.

    yes, i'm likely to be stabbed to death sooner or later.
  15. and when that happens, at least u did it for a good cause :D
  16. Love your work, wish I'd have been there to see it.
  17. Hope the car driver got the message....
    out of little things, big things grow.
  18. That made my day. Well done.
  19. Yes, you are an asshole for that :p but he totally deserved it

    Plus its hilarious which makes it all ok (y)

  20. Totally deserved it, totally worth it.

    If he's going to be a c*nt, then f*ck him.

    Nice work.