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I just couldn't resist..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FBI, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Since I'm returning to the lifestyle, I thought I'd blow my budget and buy a new bike at the same time, GO HARD OR GO HOME :grin:

    Unfortunately I wont be riding it until Dec, thanks to work commitments that prohibit me picking it up.
  2. yucky colour, but you can change that.
  3. haha. amazing colour. Lamborghini orange. i want my next bike to be that colour
  4. Haha, I like it too. Might help motorists see me :p
  5. is that a KTM
  6. Kawasaki :rofl:

    Did the colour throw you?
  7. WOW - for real.. did they make them in Orange too ?
  8. Yeah. It's the "limited edition" Mardi-Gras Model
  10. How bad must the colour have been before to paint it that colour??? :LOL:

    BTW, congrats on the bike mate. :grin:
  11. Compared to some of the questionable '90s sportsbike colour schemes, that doesn't look too bad.

    Nice choice of bike, I did many km on one of those a few years ago and still remember it fondly.
  12. i dig the colour... better than the 80s jetski purple and green they had in the 90s

    and many kwakas have been released in orange

    the recent 636s and the z750/1000s spring to mind
  13. Did you have a Rainbow sticker on your helmet, and a jar of Vaseline in your jacket pocket?
  14. Envy is green mate, not orange! :LOL:
  15. hey FBI.. I sincerely hope you realise that we are just taking the piss mate..

    it looks a nice tidy bike.. hope it treats you well..

    and yes.. definitely better than some of the other 90's paintjobs..

    was it crashed and painted.. or just painted..
  16. Very nice. Great colour too. Well done. Enjoy ................ when December comes.
  17. Yeah I know mate :cool:

    Not been dropped or crashed, so the owner tells me, and from what I could figure out on my own. Absolutely stoked.
  18. Nice bike mate! Another Dubbo boy eh?

    Hope it dosent get you chucked in jail like that other poor bloke the other day. Watch out for those nasty 50 zones!

    Take care :biker:
  19. Nah, a head on collision a few years ago changed my perspective on speeding, the end result is unplesant and can result in not being able to walk for quite some time.
  20. Why the wait till December? Is it snowed in in Antarctica :LOL:???