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i just can't shut up about it!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. g'day guys,

    i gotta say, THANKS AGAIN TO ALL THE NETRIDERS who walked over their own mothers to get me a lap top.

    i love it. im always yacking on about my spiffy black lap top. i put a big thank you in the netrider newsletter article i wrote but thats probably not going to be printed. thats a shame because i put all the info you wanted to know about my crash but were to afraid to ask.

    this thing has really changed my crappy life. apart from my addiction to forums, im using it to send my hate male to the government [jest], beating everyone at chess, and i'm using it to get some work done!
    i don't know why i thought i didn't need one. im on it every day. seriously, this spiffy black lap top and my new netrider friends has made my life a lot less crappier than it was. thanks again.

    before; :roll: :cry: :) :roll: :cry: :)

    after; :grin: :LOL: :grin: :LOL: :grin: :LOL: :grin: :LOL:
  2. Although I caught the back end of the wave and didn't contribute in any way other than spending 4-6hrs reading your thread: -

    "Glad you're happy with it" :grin: haha

    If it starts to get foibles n have problems send me or any of the other PC guys a PM they'll get it fixed up for you straight away. Even if you've just got a question that you may think is stupid fire away.

    I wouldn't make it through night shift if it wasn't for netrider :)

    Damn these stupid quiz shows.
  3. Glad to hear that it has helped you along and made you smile Jax!! There where a few bumps and hiccups to begin with but i'm glad it has all worked out. Gotta love Netrider don't you!!!
  4. you mean beating ALMOST everyone at chess. !!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  5. Where do you guys play chess online?
    Hope my work proxy lets me through
    I haven't had a game in ages :)
  6. dante wrote

    i whipped you good dante! and i was drunk :wink: what was the score? dante 1 jax 78? [i love stirring]
    thanks mate. i have a friend who jumps in his car at a moments notice who fixes all my computer probs. i will take up your offer if he can't fix something. [actually, i need help posting photos (nick doesn't know how). i have a GREAT cat scan pic to show you guys. my femur has spikes!]
    [b instig wrote[/b]

    yahoo.au [ish, make sure its australia nz not usa]
    click on;
    board games
    then you get heaps of 'room' options. my friends and i always go to 'turtle shell' so we can find each other, if we happen to be online at the same time.

    im exlr8ter [yeah, i think it sucks too]

    thats what i meant. i was thanking everyone, even those who didn't sit up at all hours building two lap tops. you all wanted me to have one and were prepared go about it in any way that you could. the thread is a long read and i appreciate everyone who read it and all the friendly posts.

    netrider is a great place. late night game shows do suck!
  7. score is 2-3 jax

    not bad for a guy who hasnt played in 6 years
  8. Dang I can't access that from work oh well...
    I can't seem to drag myself away from trying to beat my friends acid tetris score at home.
    If any of you on there around 3amish I'll drop by for a game cause that's when I finish work :(
  9. right, next time im living away its GAME ON jax.....
  10. dante! it wasn't that close! i demand a re-match when i'm sober.

    gator, how could you not access chess! thats awful! please try and get around it as i am there at 3am quite often [i don't mean to sound demanding] but do it! ha ha, im sure theres nothing you can do.

    joel, what do u mean 'next time you're away'? you can challenge any time you have access online.

    im such a biatch! thanks again and again for the spiffy black lap top, as you all can see i am causing lots of grief.
  11. ...because when im home i have to attend to my lovely children. so ii wouldnt be able to whip your butt good enough ;)
  12. Lol I'm at work atm and there's a proxy server restricting our access (all internet traffic goes through that server first and is then filtered before it gets to us) so if I try to access a site that work doesn't like I get an error message displayed :(

    What I meant earlier was that I get home at 3am so I'd be able to play then :)
    I'll setup an account and have a looksie when I get in this morning if your in there. Mind you I haven't played for about 6 months and was never that crash hot to begin with so no smack talk from me :)
  13. glad it worked out jax.. im another that didnt come in in time to donate but spent freakin ages read that thread.. i think it was one of the most amazing things ive seen on the interweb..

    hope your having a ball with it.. i dont do the chess thing, bit if you want naughts and crosses or minesweeper let me know :)
  14. ronin said

    OH GOD NO!
    dante wrote

    instigator wrote
    aahhh men! keep up the excuses, you're going to need them.
  15. Try here http://www.iwin.com/ I find it superior to Yahoo.
  16. your right it wasnt close at all, i gave you a ass woopin when i won. :LOL: :roses: :roses: :roses: :cheeky:
  17. i have to give you some credit. you made me laugh so hard i hit the floor. THAT FACE WITH HE TOUNGE! priceless!

    i see i have an oponent with my personality. it's such a shame the chess skills don't measure up. tut tut.

    ha ha, im glad im typing because i couldn't say it with a straight face;

    YOU'RE REFERRING TO THAT ONE LUCKY FLUKE YOU HAD AREN'T YOU!? i was feeling under challenged so i played with a blindfold on.

    jeeze, i hope you're not too upset. i see that win meant sooooo much to you.
  18. ach..hem...'opponent'
  19. or try various " proxy iding" websites..


    any similer styled websites for anonomous proxy surfing...
  20. well i know it's a bit late but i'm online now setting up an account

    if i can't find any of u guys to play with i'll try and find another nub like me

    it's not excuses if it's the truth!!! :grin: