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I just cant decide ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pete the pom, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. OK getting a new bike through work. I can pick anything in the Honda range but have decided its down to 2 bikes.

    Forza Scoota: easy to ride heaps of storage for laptop under the seat and wont cost too much to run. Very practical.


    CBR600RR: No storage space at all but a blast to ride and could even squeeze in a track day or two on it. Very fun.

    Which would you choose?
  2. The CBR600RR and I'd buy a backpack for the laptop...
  3. Buy the CBR and telecommute :LOL:
  4. Um, this is a joke right?
  5. :shock: ummm... is there really a question here? :LOL:

    i dunno, thought about a 600F instead of R? no more storage space, but should commute a little better without compromising too much weekend fun. a packrack would look less dicky on it too, and they're a lifesaver if the laptop is a decent sized one. my laptop backpack used to just strap on to the packrack of my old cat, easy as :D now i gotta suffer under the weight of this goddamn museum piece they loosely call a 'laptop' :roll: yeah, sure its a laptop, TO KING KONG :evil:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. No joke. The forza would be great for the ride from Fitzroy to work with heaps of storage space and weather protection or the CBR would just be a fun way to meet officers of the Victoria police traffic unit why I ride to work at mach one.
  7. Get the CBR Pete -

    You can use it with a backpack for all the practical stuff the scoot can do, but the scoot can't function as a weekend fun toy.

    Having said that, a scooter would be a sweet second bike...
  8. Absolutely anything in the Honda range?

    Get the top of the line Gold Wing... sell it, buy what you want and keep the cash difference :)
  9. Thats exactly what i was about to say. For a second bike the Forza would be sweet, but if you can only have one then you have to go the CBR, you just cant compare the fun factor of a 600cc bike with a 250cc one.

    But i do love the storage of my scoot, i wouldnt quite compare it to a sports bike in the fun department :D :D :D

    Its a pitty you cant get the Forza in a 500cc.
  10. Yer a ventura Rack is all kings of wonderful when you are carting a laptop and various other bits around each day.

    Have you thought about getting both....CBR600RR for fun and the scooter for the daily commute....best of both worlds and more than likely end up being cheaper in the long run. I've got half a plan for a postie bike to take the sting out of commuting on the blade.
  11. I think work would get upset if they bought me a bike and I then went and sold it on them !!!!!
  12. Go the scooter Pete. You know you want to. :p

    It will bring back those wonderful Burgman memories.
  13. The Burger van had balls 650, electric shift V8 eater

    The Forza would just feel like having a wank with its tidly 250cc's
  14. Storage space is why God invented tank bags. Get the CBR.
  15. The 600 RR will feel like shagging a supermodel then. Beautiful but soulless. :LOL:

    In my worthless opinion, the 600RR is the worlds greatest motorcycle. Or the worlds most boring. I can't decide.
  16. The deuville gives you heaps of storage space. Not sure about running costs, but the shaft drive would keep your maint down a little as well.

    Still not a sports bike, but a small enough tourer that'll still be able to lane split.
  17. Yes but super models dont get out of bed in the morning and cook you a nice big fat fry up breakfast.

    Go with the fat boring chicks is my advice. Then your not that bothered if she goes and leaves you either !
  18. Now, if the question was cbr1000rr or cbr600rr, then that would be a problem....

    go the 600, you know you must!
  19. A fat lady will keep you warm in the winter and provide shade in the summer :D
  20. Go the Scooter.

    I just wanted to say the opposite to the majority of people. O:) :p

    I'm not being very helpful am I? :roll: :roll: