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I just can't believe it

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DisgruntledDog, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. I was on my way to work yesterday and going down the freeway. This bloke in a people mover, did a head check, saw that the lane was clear, indicated and changed lanes safely.

    I just can't believe that there are drivers out there like that. I mean what would it be like if everyone drove like that?
  2. I call BS. We're not all as gullible as you trolls seem to think you know.
  3. Yup, troll for sure.
  4. i don't believe you. this just seems outrageous and i call troll also!
  5. 'This bloke'...it's you, isn't it? Ashamed you drive a people mover?
  6. Maybe the guy rides a bike when he doesn't have to cart his kids and/or shopping around.
  7. Definitely a caged rider.
  8. i've been in a cage the past week and I head check

  9. Bugger, I've been busted. Next time I try to troll, I'll have to say something not quite as outlandish as this.
  10. Before I got my bike licence I thought I was a good driver who was situationally aware but now I am so much more switched on to my surroundings and reading the 'body language' of other road users. Spidey senses are so much better now.
  11. Head checked AND indicated? That's something to write home about.
  12. I think it's a lot more than that.

    In a car, you are cocooned and led to believe that as long as you don't speed, drink, or drive tired, you'll be fine. You are encouraged to check out ANCAAP ratings and pick a car on its non passive safety features. In effect, you become separated from the reality of what happens in an accident, where the simple laws of physics dictate the outcome. Some accidents, even at slow speeds, will always lead to serious injury or death.

    On a bike, you are very focused and aware just how dangerous these things are IF you come off. As a result, you try to do everything you can to avoid the falling off and only as a secondary action do you then take into account the protective gear you can wear that may mitigate the worst effects of a fall. If you add to that the much closer connection to your surroundings that you have with a bike and you're much more likely to be aware just how tenuous a grip on this life you really have and that no amount of air bags, traction control, stability control and thin sheets of metal will save you if you go side on into a tree at 100kmh+.
  13. I got asked several times while driving cabs whether there was something wrong with my mirrors because I head-check. The other common assumption was that I was a new driver.
  14. the term "caged rider" should be reserved explicitly for people who can't find 3rd and end up doing time as a result.
  15. i still hate people movers
  16. The old egg shaped Tarago that the Coconuts all drive can be a fun old thing. The exact same body has come out stuck on top of several different engine / transmission / chassis configurations. Some of them are just awful, and some are actually rather fun.

    I often thought the Mercedes Sprinter maxi I drove would have been fun to try with something like a turbo ford 6 under it, because once you got used to how big it is, it actually handles like a sports car. All it needs is some go - and perhaps a slippery dif if you gave it some. They're much more fun to drive than they look like.

    The cover of the book can be very deceiving.
  17. looks like a cage, smells like a cage... it's a cage.
    it needs to be set on fire and driven of a cliff.