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i just bought this!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ylwgtr, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I raced one of these when i was about 16 or 17.....you get the biggest adrenelin rush jumping one of these suckers over a set of masive double jumps!There stupidly fast.....outlawed by a lot of countries :D I see hospital beds and ambulance rides being a part of my life again....whos in for a mud fight?



  2. :( Can't see the pics mate.
  3. maybe coz your using firefox or some other browser?
  4. Only open for circus midgets all others too tall to fold themselves up enough to fit on one!
  5. browser type has shit all to do with w3c html. (correct if wrong, nerdz on bikez! :p) broken links - can see the path but no pic at the end of it.
  6. Now those things look farkin dangerous to me!!
  7. I thought all the manufacturers went to quad format because the tricycle format was so dangerous???
  8. yeah theres a bit of an art to riding them due to the live axle and with the ATC250R it has a CR250 engine in it so it constantly wants to flip over backwards no matter what gear your in so you gotta nail it to brake the traction and slide it while lying right into the corner.....it wants to go straight all the time i really had some nasty offs when i was younger....a common mistake is to put your foot out when it wants to tip over (when you corner)then what happens is the rear wheel runs over your foot and you get dragged off it and it runs you straight over and spits you out the back
  9. ...can see the pics now.

    Holy crap... looks like it needs a bag of cement infront of the bars!! You are a mad prick!! LOL!

    Have fun dude!

    Hope you get some time off to enjoy the new wheels.


  10. #10 ylwgtr, Aug 14, 2007
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  11. No diff???
    That would be a pig to turn if you have traction. and just plain insanity once you throw traction to the wind.

    no bloody wonder they are unsafe (Apart from the whole tipping because they are a trike thing)
  12. i just ordered a 295 CC kit for it :D
  13. I can't see them either and I use IE
  14. how much was it?
  15. EDIT - oops nevermind what I originally posted.

    Using IE, Opera, Firefox and Safari - I can't see the pics either.
  16. Nowhere near as much fun as a banshee or my Raptor, but that one looks like it is in great nic
  17. Yup! :cool:

    I've got a Polaris Predator (see my Garage). Great fun, and the only place I lose out compared to the two-wheelers is through singletrack.

    Ylwgtr: If you get a chance, get out into some sand dunes with it. :cool: :grin:
  18. I reckon there more fun than an ATV as theres a challenge just staying on it....yeah the guy that i got it from used it in the dunes but i plan to mainly use it on motorcross tracks...until i get kicked off anyway :D
    i payed 4K for it....very hard to find indeed... i have been looking for about 3 years now....as always i shouldnt have sold the one i had