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I just bought my first ever irridium visor...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by incitatus, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. I just bought a new blue 'irridium' visor for my 'brain bra'.....and I love it! I would never have chosen such a flashy item if it hadn't been the only visor left in stock to fit my helmet. But now I have it, if you want it you'll have to prize it from my cold dead hand. It's amazing, I can't believe how much cooler my helmet is with it blocking all that nasty UV. More proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.......

  2. or even an old horse :D (and my, my, lookee, 979 posts!!!)
  3. I bought my 1st shiny visor recently, and sure it is great on sunny days, better definition than my tinted one. But when trying to explain why I spent $50-60 on a third visor the real reason came out...just because it looks so badass.
  4. I'm never buying an iridium visor again. I bought one and after a while it started to get scratched up (sometimes just wiping bug guts out of your vision can scratch it). It became extremely distracting with differing amounts of light getting though.
  5. Owww....The bloke in the shop did say don't wipe bugs off without water or it will scratch. No offence dale, but how careful were you with it? I'm a bit anal-retentive with my gear (its a pilot thing), and am pretty careful. is it really that fragile...(at $60, please, please, say no).
  6. Mmm, yup them shiny visors, scratch easy so I only use real high tech cleaner on 'em, i calls it coles dishwashing liquid but at at 60 cents a bottle, I can understand that not everyone will be able to afford to use it...

    My shiny visor taken a lotta bug hits etc, and they wash off just fine and no scratches so far...
  7. Love my irridium visor, except for one thing.......

    once it gets dusk, you cant see a thing out of it :shock:

    so always remember to bring your clear visor along as well, if you are going to be doing an all dayer :)
  8. What a coincidence Jbot, I already have some in stock for my clear visor. And by the way, it works pretty good on dishes too.
  9. You speak with some conviction on that subject, inci!!! :LOL:

    My dad used to say "It starts when you sink in her arms, and ends with your arms in the sink!"
  10. By Jove, I think you have it!, so THATS why it's not called 'visor cleaner'...

    I don't polish my visors to dry them, just use really hot water and it dries clear, this may also be why mine remain scratch free.
  11. I bought an iridium visor two summer's back and took it back 2 days later. I found that as I was riding, I was staring at myself. It was acting like a mirror. It became distracting so I took it back and got a tinted visor, which is what I've used for years.

    But as Pink Angel said, I always carry my clear visor if going on multi-day trips. It's hard to see through a tinted visor at night time. :)
  12. i was real carful with my iridium visor, washed the bug guts off after every ride, didn't use it for commuting, kept it in the helmet bag when i wasn't using it etc.... went for a ride last saturday, stopped at maccas for 5 minutes, had the helmet between my feet while i put my jacket on, helmet rolled off, 10 big scratches on my shiny visor :evil: couldn't happen to my bug coated tinted visor that i've been using scratch free for a couple of years now could it? noooo, had to happen to the shiny clean blue irridium one that i got for my bday this year :x bastard
  13. Coconuts, are you telepathic? That is exactly why I needed a new visor in the first place! only it was Gloria Jean's, not Macca's.....spooky
  14. I have had one for about 9 months (irridum) and dark visors .
    i dont use clear ones because i am photophobic.
    They last (irridium) about a year if you look after them.
    what i found was good for cleaning them is WET ONES ( you know bum wipes for kids etc ) clean with a wet one , and dry with a soft cloth , you can have them on a ride with you and use them anytime .
    my visor is just starting to show signs off needing changing in the next 3 months , considering i ride everyday , and get a lot of blasting from sand (from tram tracks and high winds) it has been the greatest thing i have .

    also a very effective intimadating idiots that take you on in traffic .
  15. I wouldn't have thought that you needed a visor to intimidate people in traffic, glen :p
  16. Yes...I've only had mine since saturday, and I believe I have already noticed I don't get quite the same amount of 'evil eye' when lane splitting.
  17. All this talk of tricky visors is makin me jealous as i have a bell helmet and cant get visors anywere so had to get a bell car racing visor or new helmet so be happy with havin a choice :D
  18. hahahaha

    I was escorting stookie back across the northern suburbs last night after a BBQ at my house when a idiot in a camry decided that he wanted my lane and didnt care that i was sitting beside the drivers door.
    after the initial bantering at the round about after he lowered his electric window and told me of his discust with bike riders , i got his attention and yelled to him that " we would dicuss his driving abilitys and his pompus and rude attitude towards other road users when we get to the traffic lights".......I wont translate the actually words used.
    He stuck his blinker on and threw a u- turn and head back the other way.

    you dont need to see my eyes ( there eyes, riders) to tell we are somewhat upset. :wink:
  19. other than my bike, my helmet is my pride and joy....i got a blue iridium also and it makes the helmet look super cool!! :)

    to me riding around with the iridium makes a huge difference to the clear one during the day. i can see so much more clearly without the glare.

    i've had it for about 4 months now and no scratches cause i try take real good care of it

    next time i wanna get a silver iridium, now that looks heaps cool!!
  20. Forgive the noob question, but are visors done on a brand basis? E.g. Would I need a Shoei compatible one for my Shoei helmet (is that how they are sold?), or are there generic one to fit all types?